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>Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

>A Song which describes Unity in Diversity of the Indian culture. I love both the old and the new versions of the song.

The Old Version

The thing I like most about the old version is the focus on featuring more common people and the various diverse cultures in India.

The New Version
The thing that I like most in the the new version is the various artists playing different instruments and that it also features players from different sports. 🙂
Jai Hind!!!

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>Loneliness is when you are in a group but not in the conversation.

Loneliness is when you have no company to walk back home.

Loneliness is when your calls go unanswered.

Loneliness is when you are on one side and the others on the other side of the argument.

Loneliness is when everyone’s home but nobody talks.

Loneliness is when once best buddies talk to you like strangers.

Loneliness is when you realize you haven’t achieved as much as your peers.

Loneliness is when you wanna talk loads but there’s nobody to listen.

Loneliness is when you hug your pillow to fall asleep.

Loneliness is when you are at home and everyone’s working.

Loneliness is when everyone’s at home and you are working.

Loneliness is when you are off to a distant land by your self.

Loneliness is what the dear ones feel when then see you off.

Loneliness is when your pillow is moist with tears.

Loneliness makes you strong.

Loneliness makes you identify your weakness.

Loneliness gives clarity.

Loneliness calms the mind.

Loneliness lets you think.

Loneliness makes you see the point in the other side of the argument.

Loneliness makes you realize who matter.

Loneliness makes you a good human being.

Loneliness makes you independent.

But… most importantly… loneliness is not from what’s around, its from what’s within…
Loneliness makes you blog!!! 😀


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You’ve got mail !!

Remember the days when post meant the letters arriving from the postal department and not posts on blogs or posting something on the wall in facebook? The days when if somebody asked “Did you get the mail?” it meant some awaited letter and not email 😛

I remember the days when me and a close friend ‘B’ who was then in Hyderabad kept in touch by writing letters to each other. Let me clarify that it wasn’t ages ago like what one would think. We wrote letters to each other till a couple of years back… It was a wonderful experience in itself. Looking forward to each other’s reply, scolding each other for replying late, going to the post office to buy inland letters or envelopes and stamps 🙂 All of it had a personal touch to it..

Come Birthdays or New Year or Friendship Day we would send cards to each other. It was a wonderful feeling to know that a friend cared… no matter how far we were. I still have all the cards and quite a few letters kept safely with me.

Feels sad that with changing times everything changes. Now when everyone’s inbox is flooded with forwards and emails about everything under the sun, nobody has the time or perhaps the gratitude to acknowledge any of it. Where are the friendly mails saying, “Hi, How are you? I’m fine.. Hope the same from you too..”?? There are hundreds of people on our contact list.. But how many of them are we in contact with?? The friendly green color shows that a friend is available and danger red indicates that he/she’s busy. But the conversations hardly go beyond “wassup?? nothing, just the usual..” When we have nothing to talk, we hide.. just make the status invisible and problem’s solved…

With the technology making things better and connectivity easier, are we moving further away from each other?? Point to ponder…


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>From Diaries to Blogs…

>(Warning: The following post is long and the owner is not responsible for anyone getting bored or falling asleep)

Me being the younger of the two daughters to my parents, I was for long treated like a kid at home (now don’t tell me, I look like one too 😛 I’ve heard that enough and I still keep hearing it.. hmmph!! :X). I get a feeling that for my sis I’m still a kid at most times.. Okay… the post is not about how kiddish I am :P.

So… me being the younger sibling and coz I love my sis a lot and look up to everything she does, I used to religiously follow everything that she did or liked. My fav actor was SRK for a long time coz my sis’s fav actor was SRK, my fav color was ‘X’ as my sis’s fav color was ‘X’, I liked a movie coz my sis found it good, I started liking Malleshwaram coz it was my sis’s fav place (I still love Malleshwaram though… and I guess my sis still loves it too ;)), I used to like Pulao and not Bisi Bele Bath coz that’s what my sis liked, I got interested in reading books coz of my sis… you get the drift??? We still have a similar liking though not the same always… Okay… This post is not about me and my sis either.. 😀 . That’s gonna be one loooong post (yeah probably longer than this ;))

All this was to tell that, I started maintaining a personal diary coz my sis had started doing it. My sis was in college or in her 10th std, I’m not sure… and I was in primary school :P. So you can imagine what I wrote. I stopped writing after sometime as it was tiring and I didn’t know what to write every day. I dunno what my sis did (you see.. it was a personal diary and she hid it :X). Sometime recently I happened to read what I had written and I couldn’t stop laughing… 😀

My entries used to generally be like this –

Dear Diary (as if it was gonna be offended otherwise :P),

Today I went to school. We had Science class. My fav ‘R’ ma’am was absent. We learnt about ‘xyz’ in English class… blah blah blah… (and finally, something like) I have lots of homework and I gotta go do that ok. So I’ll see you tomorrow (yeah.. I said cya even to the diary :P).


I know, I know.. I was pathetic… 😛 I found out soon and gave it up. I guess my interest in writing still remained. So I started all over again when I was in college. This time I decided to stick to writing when I was very happy or very sad. Aaah..!! This was much better I must tell :D. I gave up that too after sometime coz I had started writing only about things which made me sad.. 😦

Now I’m here blogging… 🙂 I learnt what’s a blog all about from (no points for guessing..) my sis of course!! That was about 4 years back. I love the way she writes and pester her to no end when she’s being lazy and not updating her blog. I read quite a few other blogs too and I’m awed by the way some people write. They are so creative in their writing that you would want to go back to read every post of theirs.

All these people inspire me to write.:) That’s why I’m here, being the small fish in the huge ocean.. 🙂

(should I say cya dear blog!!) 😀


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>Babbling Begins…

>I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite sometime now. But I’ve been really apprehensive about it, just like how I am before starting anything new. Speaking of my apprehensions, pessimism and inferiority complex, the fact that I am actually writing this post is a HUGE achievement…

I needed this sort of a breakthrough for myself :). It might not mean anything to anybody who reads this. In fact there might be reactions like “Big deal!! Lets see for how long she manages to do it..” Sincerely I don’t know…

– I don’t know if this is just a passing phase
– I don’t know if I will want to do this always
– I don’t know if my posts will even be interesting 😛

But… Its MY blog. So.. I’m gonna post when I want and stop when I want 😀 . So if there’s anybody interested in reading, Welcome!! and if you read this and you aren’t interested, No Problem.. Thank you and Ta-ta!!

Its a different thing to have something in your mind and a completely different thing to put it into words.. I’ll try my best. 🙂 I hope I do a fair job… 🙂


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