>Long Walks…

>There are times when we feel really low.. When we feel, life sucks!!! When talking to even your best friend doesn’t cheer you up. What do we do at such times? We cry, we take a small nap.. Most of the times what I do is, to go for a long walk all by myself…

I love walking. Its a little depressing to walk alone. But, when you are already depressed it works the other way round. It may not cheer you up, but it definitely calms you.. I walk through all the small lanes, where there’s less traffic and there are less people. I walk through roads which have a lot of trees. The greenery is very soothing. I know is hard to find such roads now. But I’m blessed to be living close to one such area.. Touch wood!!

I just start off from the house without bothering where I’ll go. Take the turns that I feel like taking at the moment. I don’t look at the watch. Its actually surprising, coz I keep looking at the time even I am out with my friends, coz I don’t wanna get back late and get into a row. But when I’m off on such walks sometimes I don’t even wear my watch. I walk back home when I feel lighter or when I feel tired. I generally walk very fast. Ask my friends and they’ll vouch for it. But at such times I walk really really slow.. Sometimes I’m crazy and I walk really long distances and my legs ache throughout the next day. But its fine…

The best thing about such walks is that you’ll notice things which you wouldn’t have noticed before. Some new house/shop which has come up in the area, a tree filled with flowers of the rarest kind and color, an old house which hasn’t changed at all from what you had seen years ago, some new faces in the house where someone you knew stayed, a new pet in the house down the lane. Sometimes you even happen to meet an old friend you’ve never met after school. The kids playing on the street and yelling, makes you wanna do it. 🙂 All in all somewhere you forget why was it that you started off in the first place. 🙂 Your mood’s lifted…

So.. what do you do, when you are feeling low??



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7 responses to “>Long Walks…

  1. >Nice post.I usually paint when I am low, As a kid in cack school says i used to write inmy personal diary draining all the tears out and then as sharing quota is done with, i used to paint and usually a finished painting used to lighten my mood, a kinda satisfying feeling. Same now, but now i dont keep a diary so normally i write a blog, and if at home paint, else read and sleep. And at times when it is nice weather outside, not snowing or raining and not very cold then go for a walk 🙂

  2. >hey lopa.. nice to see you here :)I saw your paintings.. they are really nice 🙂 I love painting too.. But haven't done anything off-late.. 😦

  3. Anu

    >I prefer going to a temple… or I listen to music and most of all I sulk! You should know that well enough 😀

  4. >@Anu: hehe 😀 i know… you sulk big time… and I keep asking what happened, what happened so many times… 😛

  5. >Hmmm thats really nice, an i vouch for it tht u really walk fast cos i guess a couple of times i walked along wid u all the way back from school(when u would not get ur tiny little cycle).loved ur unique way of getting out of depression. Cos thts my major weakness n i dont talk for rest of the day,Its time even i hit roads but am scared of dogs n rag pickers 😦

  6. >@Suni: hehe 😀 how come everyone remembers my tiny cycle.. But everyone forgets that I stopped using it and brought a bigger cycle later on :)… And try the walking, there just a few dogs and no rag pickers now… 🙂

  7. >Ah.. I've heard quite a few of them who do the same.. but 4 me it sounds scary.. I always want someone around.. :). Listening to music heals a lot.. I'd prefer walking on terrace 😉 if 2 tired then sound sleep is the best.. 🙂

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