>Nothing but change is constant…

>Far too many things changed in the last few months. It takes time for me to make friends… I was lucky to get a good bunch of friends at office. But with all of them getting transferred one after the other, there’s hardly anyone left. When this was happening, I happened to mention to my roommate that the only thing left is for my roommates to get transferred and I will be left alone :(. Behold!! The following week my roomie tells me she’s getting transferred too… 😦

Home sickness is another thing that I’m dealing with. I start feeling dull if it’s nearly two weeks since I’ve gone home. Off late the longing to visit home had increased.. To play with the little one, to listen to his sounds and just to watch him sleep. The little one is going his house today :(. Now it’ll have to be a few hours visit to their place to have a look at him.. How I wish he could stay with us always…

To add to this, after putting in nearly five months of efforts in the current project at office, just when we were getting the feeling of having become a part of the project, just when we started learning a few things about the product, we were told that they are moving out the freshers to other projects, due to some issues. After having worked for more than a year in b’lore I had to join as a fresher at the current workplace.. Now this change is happening here. What do I do??

Feeling low and helpless.. 😦



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2 responses to “>Nothing but change is constant…

  1. >Do not feel disheartened dear! Always remember -Change is the spice of life!!-Anu

  2. >hmmm.. but why are you being listed as anonymous??

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