>Life Around a Metro!!

>The Metro Rail successfully completed its test run in Bangalore, from Bayappanahalli to CMH Road. The only route that’ll open in the year 2011.

For me it’s sort of mixed emotions… As I mentioned in one of my posts, the Metro project has eaten away almost all the greenery, leaving the people longing for a fresh breath of air.

On the other hand, exists a hope that this will reduce the traffic woes. During the peak hours in the city, the roads are blocked, with vehicles standing neck to neck, horns blaring, people abusing others coming in their way. A normal 40-45 mins journey taking 2 hours and more. Considering this, I hope the Metro Rail brings whatever relief possible to the choking city.

I guess its a similar feeling for many Bangaloreans. I read that the same shopkeepers who opposed the project from being implemented on the CMH Road, as it would spoil their business, stood there cheering and clapping during the trial run. 😀

One of the things I was excited about when coming to Chennai, was the chance to travel in local trains. It’s a largely used, cheap and fast mode of transport here. Convenient for people travelling long distances. Reduces the road traffic to a large extent. Imagine the amount by which the traffic on the roads will increase, even if half the number of people travelling by trains, take out their cars!! :O

I hope that the Metro Rail will bring an equally good and refreshing relief to the people of Bangalore in the coming years.. 🙂


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  1. >The same is the case with me – the metro gives me new hopes – I think better late than never! But when I see the tree-less roads, my heart wrenches in agony :(-Anu

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