>Am I horrible looking? Do I have bad breath? Do I stink? Do I look like a monster or do I give monsterous looks? Are my conversations irritating/boring? What is it?

Well… I don’t think I’m horrible looking, pretty decent. NO!! I don’t have bad breath. NOOO!! I don’t stink. Infact stinking people and people with bad breath put me off… :-/

Hmmm… I do give monsterous and unapproving looks when I see misbehaving and disgusting people, who think they can stare, whistle and pass comments about any girl on the road, to people who spit on the road, to people who shove others in buses, in queues etc… Yeah, I do have a serious kind of a face, which breaks out into a smile or better into laughter for only familiar, close people, for kids, puppies and on occasions when I remember something funny or read/watch something funny. Quite restrictive I guess. I remember my professor always asking me, why do I carry a serious face and telling me that I should smile more often. Maybe this is the reason…

Ok… Let me come to the point. It has been complete six months since I joined my team at work and I still don’t have a single friend in the team. 😦 When I joined the team it consisted of nearly 40 members, which has come down to about 25 now ( now you must be thinking that I’m a loner πŸ˜› ). Well, I have hardly spoken to anyone except the colleague who sits next to me or my manager and all talks being majorly work related.

I take time to make friends and I sort of stick to the ones I’ve made. My closest friends are the chosen few from school and college. When I say few I mean really few. Here at work, we were a small group of friends who got acquainted during training, stuck to each other all the time, during study, assignment, breaks, weekend outings etc. It naturally continued that way once we got into projects, though different ones. Hence my interaction with the new project members was minimal. I wasn’t intentional though..

Now, almost all my friends having moved to different cities, only a couple of us left. 😦 I get terribly bored and feel really lonely when the others are on leave or busy. The almost ever weekend roaming has stopped coz there’s no group to enjoy it with. Less interaction with the team adds to the woes.

I’m to be moved to a new project, hope things get better there and hope I interact with more people and take less time to do so. πŸ™‚ Wish me luck…



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3 responses to “>Solitaire

  1. >best wishes. hope you make plenty of new friends in the new proj πŸ™‚

  2. Anu

    >hey don't worry… you can and will make new friends… Just be nice to everyone, no need to stick upto anyone – be committed to your work and willing to learn from your seniors, they will automatically like you…good luck with your new project πŸ™‚

  3. >@Titaxy: thank you!! :)@Anu: I hope so… Thanks.. πŸ™‚

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