The advantage of having a birthday on days like Jan 1st, Feb 14th, April 1st, Aug 15th etc is that a lot of unexpected people also remember it… 

The birthday was filled with fun, happy, sad and lonely moments. I so wanted to write this post on the same day, but as usual ended up finishing everything and sleeping late night with no energy left to write anything. Well… Better late than never. 🙂

A lot of people called up but a few dear ones missed out (probably forgot). Had fun at office with the team members of the new team getting a cake for me. Came back home to find that the room-mates had also got a cake. 🙂 The best part was that both were chocolate cakes. But some how the party at home turned out dull, with the usual noisemakers missing. Missed home and family a lot. It’s the first time in all these 24 years that I had to celebrate my birthday away from the family. 😦

I received lots of gifts.. 😀 I got the best gift the next day though. Sometime late in the afternoon I saw a mail in the official inbox which had the details of the previous Quarter’s award winners. Attached with it was an excel sheet having the names of the winners. I was about to delete the mail without reading it, as usual, and a thought crossed my mind “when will I win any such award?“. I joined a new team just a week back and had worked in the old team for a little more than five months, with most of the initial time spent in learning about the product. So my chances of having done any significant work and that being recognized by the manager was bleak.

I opened the excel sheet with no expectation whatsoever and the first name that I laid my eyes on was mine. I couldn’t believe it!! I read the employee id, the project name and the remarks, everything matched my details. Reading the remarks by my previous manager made my day… 🙂 The award though small is a huge achievement for me considering the fact that I was least expecting it. The expectations now created have to be kept up.

All in all things turned out great.. 🙂



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4 responses to “Ashaayein

  1. >belated bday wishes. and congratulations on the awward!

  2. Anu

    >The best part of winning/ getting something when totally unexpected is that the joy is boundless! You feel on top of the world! Congratulations once again dear! 🙂

  3. >absolutely!! :Dthank you… 🙂

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