Things to do before I die…

Watched the movie Anjaana Anjaani over the weekend ( yeah too late I know!! ) and started thinking about the things I would like or want to do before I die. These were the things that I could think of as of now. I am sure the list will grow as I grow older.

# Learn some form of dance. I have always wanted to learn dance, but ended up learning vocal music.

# Do something adventurous like bungee jumping or scuba diving. I am scared of great heights and depths of water. Never learnt swimming, though my father can and he insisted that me and my sis learn. Want to overcome those fears.

# Make and maintain a garden of my own. Lack of space is the huge challenge, so I hope to atleast have a small one.

# Learn knitting and stitching. Now that I’ve learnt crocheting and I’m able to make nice stuff and follow patterns, I’m all excited to learn the other forms.

# Collect loads of books and start a circulating library some day.

# Live without being bothered about the world. I am this person, who thinks more than she does. More than half my energy is spent in analysis. Wanna live the way I want for a few days atleast, not being bothered about what others think or want me to be.

That’s about me. Please consider yourself tagged and do write about what are the things you wanna do before you grow old/die. I didn’t want the list to have things like I wanna own a house, buy a car etc. So tell me about the rest…


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