Kya Badal Gaya Zamana?

Eating the roadside sold guava and raw mango, the lollipops and the chocolates after school. What fun!! 😀 All this by saving up the 5 to 10 rupees that dad used to give me when I used to go to school. It wasn’t like I was given money everyday. It was when I had none or when my Dad simply gave me some. 🙂

Not much was needed, everything was taken care by Dad or Mom. They used to pay our fee, buy us new clothes for all the important festivals and even got all the good and junk food that we craved for. The money was an additional thing we got. We never had a pocket money system in our house until I entered Engineering. Once into engineering college I was given about 500 – 600 rupees a month. Till then whenever we needed some money we would inform the purpose and get it. It was a delight when some relative used to visit home and would hand us a 50 or 100 rupees note when leaving. 🙂

Malls were a place that I had visited a couple of times when in college. It became a place where I shopped, only after I began earning. On the contrary, now I see kids (believe me they would be studying in the 6th or 7th standard, not more than that) roaming with a group of friends in the mall, shopping for their own clothes, discussing latest fashion, shelling out notes of 500. Am I old fashioned that I am surprised at this and unable to digest it or is it just the normal trend today?

I think getting used to spending such amounts is what makes many youngsters today consider joining call centers to earn early and spend more. A matriculation or Pre-University certificate is all that many call centers ask for. I am not saying that all youngsters are like this or that call centers are spoiling the career of youngsters. I’m just expressing my surprise/worry over the trend. Is it all fine and am I over-reacting? Or do you also feel what I feel? Perplexed with the thought that if this is how it is today, how is it going to be tomorrow?



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2 responses to “Kya Badal Gaya Zamana?

  1. Anu

    >It is a worrisome trend indeed… something I feel shouldn't be encouraged. Children should be taught to value money and that won't happen if they're given wads of it in school itself to go shopping as they please…after all, parents can be better judges and buy them what they need…sadly not all parents seem to think this way these days.

  2. I am quite surprised by this change in trend too, we were definitely simpler teenagers!

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