I think 2011 for me is jinxed 😐 Somehow my face seems to bloat up every 2 months atleast. It almost takes 2 weeks for it to be back to normal.

There have been a whole variety of reasons for the improportionate shape and size that my face seems to be taking. The first time it was due to the heat, that my eye had swollen to twice its size. 😦

I think I mentioned about the second time in a post. It was an insect bite, which left my face and eye swollen, with lots of scars on the face.

But this time the reason is unknown. With my cheek swollen, I was unable to even open my mouth properly. 😦 The condition is a little better now, after taking the medication.

The brighter side to this time’s woe is that I realized that I have already got two of my wisdom tooth. Not bad at all, huh?? 😀



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4 responses to “Bloated

  1. oh o! why don’t you check if you are allergic to something.. maybe some nuts.. take care.


  2. hope all is well now? take care

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