Old is Gold??

Are you one of those people who resist a change? If yes, then you are totally going to understand my sentiments here.

This place below had been the same since when I can remember. True to it’s name it has always been the place for the common man.

Janata Hotel - Malleshwaram

This hotel which has been standing in the midst of the busiest road in an area called Malleshwaram for over 50 years has always been known for it’s wonderful masala dosas, vadas and mangaluru bajjis. Though a small place it’s always packed to it’s full capacity with times when the queue of people waiting for a seat extends beyond the entrance.

This place has always been the place that has to be visited whenever we go to Malleshwaram, from the time when we were school kids. In fact my dad remembers visiting this place from when he was a school kid.

Over the time there were a few changes but mostly ones like the size of the dosa getting reduced as the price of commodities went up. 🙂 But recently when I went there on one of the weekends when I was here, noticed that the interiors had changed and also it has been made a self-service hotel. I was shocked but hoped that it would turn out fine.

But somehow it doesn’t feel the same again. You have to now buy a token and wait at the crowded counter. It results in a mess with most people grumbling, some crashing into you and ending up waiting as you cannot expect to be served in the order. The couple of times that I have gone there after the change I have always heard the people, especially the oldsters scolding, saying that they have seen the place for over 40 – 50 years and nothing had changed so far.

The management says that it was tough controlling the crowd and also there were many people who made a misuse of the it and went away without paying. Though they are right, somehow the fond memories of the place force you to make comparisons and think twice about going there again. 😦



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2 responses to “Old is Gold??

  1. Anu

    No way! they cannot do this!
    gosh! Janatha hotel is no longer the place it used to be?! 😦
    I loved going into that long side room and finding a place amongst the 20 odd tables and watching the other people feasting on the dishes as we waited for our order to be served…always wondering about their lives! You mean to say, now that room no longer exists?! I HATE changes of this kind! :((

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