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You were asleep the last time I came baby…  And asleep till I was about to leave. You woke up with time just enough for you to wave me goodbye and me to smother you with kisses. No matter how much love I shower you with, it’s just not enough. You are the tiny soul who fills our life with happiness with just a smile of yours. All of us forget the worries, the tensions and the misunderstandings when we hold your in our arms.

Times when your cheek’s red with a mosquito bite or you get tiny bruises unknowingly or have running nose are the times of most distress for us all. Time’s running so fast and you are growing up so soon :(. You can already stand, speak words, wave, point out, recognize everyone, recognize toys and sounds and your food. You already have four teeth. 😀

You are already ONE year old. 🙂

Happy Birthday my darling nephew!! God bless you with good health and happiness all your life… Love you.. 🙂


There’s a song in Kannada which goes –

guDiyaliruva shilegaLLella devarante, guNaviruva manujarella makkaLante.

makkaLigu devarigu bhedavilla, ibbara manadalu kapaTavilla.

This is roughly translated to –

All the sculptures in a temple are said to be God, All the human beings with good nature are said to be children.

There is no difference between children and God, they both have no impurity in their hearts.


Though the translation takes away the beauty in the kannada lyrics, it’s so true isn’t it? 🙂


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These dot separated letters remind us of just one thing, a popular sitcom on television. I guess most of us who have watched it have loved it. Each of its character is so varied and so special. Observe their characters closely and you can relate to them. You will see that you have friends who have some or all of the characteristics as those of the on-screen characters. What made me write this post, is a recent conversation I was having with a friend, who says, I behave like one of the characters of the sitcom. I won’t tell you which one. 😉

The characters, in the order of whom I like the most to whom I like a little less (there are none that I dislike :)) –

Joey – The handsomest and the most fun character of the group. One who loves food and doesn’t like sharing it. 😀 Falls in love with every other girl and doesn’t care. Yet, he loves the duck, chick and his friends and cries when they leave. 🙂

Phoebe – The amazing one. Talks straight from the heart, never lies and goes out of her way to do things that make others happy. Her car driving and music skills need a special mention. 😀

Chandler – The wittiest. The one who can joke in the gravest situations. Sarcastic humor is his forte. Dislikes his job, but continues to do it for the sake of money.

Monica – The loud one. Boisterous and the one to have it her own way. The chef cum host of the group, who is obsessive about cleaning. Touchy about having been fat in her childhood. 🙂

Ross – The geek. He can’t stop when he starts talking about his research and work. The responsible one, who thinks before he does something. Loves his kid.

Rachel – The beautiful one, whom everybody falls for. She’s the rich, spoilt girl who learns it the hard way to live simple. When learnt, can’t live without her friends.

Look around and you’ll find friends around you who are like the above mentioned. Some rich, some poor. Some beautiful, some average. Some who can crack up jokes anytime, anywhere and some who are serious and responsible. Some innocent, some straightforward. Some control freaks and some who just follow others. Variety is the spice of life.

Friends are extended family, with whom you laugh hard till you cry and at times cry till you feel sore. They are there to help in times of need and to laugh at you when you do something dumb. The whole point is that they are there. 🙂


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Let there be light

As I sit here writing this post, close to midnight, I am waiting to hear the lovely bell from the church nearby, strike twelve times. It makes me happy to hear the sound. It reminds me of one of Enid Blyton’s novels, which used to be my favorite during childhood. It’s raining outside. I should be elated, for rain here brings happiness and a refreshing change to the usual hot and humid weather. But I sit here, dreading something else.

As if to add to my already low mood, the time at home has been difficult with prolonged power-cuts. Its extends for hours together. There’s a power-cut within minutes of it beginning to rain. I am not a person against power-cuts. I used to love it in Bangalore. People who have read my post, will know. 🙂 Here, I fear it. 😦

For one, when there is no power it gets terribly hot inside the house. We did not opt for an AC, so the fan is our only savior in Chennai. When, its raining, it is a little better but not very drastically different. Secondly, the rains have caused a wide variety of insects to invade the house. The tiny green ones, whose bite is severe than the mosquitoes, the usual dragon flies, tiny black ones, ones looking like the lady-bug, red with black spots on it, grasshoppers, ants and what not. We stay on second floor, I can’t even imagine how people stay in the ground floor of this building. 😐

After the incident of me getting an insect bite, which left me with scars and a swollen face, I freak out when I see any sort of an insect in the room, close to my bed. Yesterday’s night was horrible. There was a two hour long power-cut in the middle of the night, when it was raining cats and dogs outside. The insects flying around biting us. All I did was roam around in the room, unable to sit in a place. 😦

Strange how our likes and dislikes change due to various reasons. 🙂 I only hope and pray that I am able to sleep peacefully tonight.. 🙂


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Feeling blue!

Don’t most of us always try to present a happy picture of ourselves everywhere? We upload pics where we look best. We write posts about the fun holiday we had, the great day we had and how hunky-dory everything is. But everyone has problems and seldom do we share them, least of all to strangers. Probably that’s why blogging about stuff that make you sad or portrays a different side of you is difficult.

All or most of us have the usual problems, the fights at home, the cranky kids, the horrible boss, the work pressure, the nagging wife, the dominant husband etc. We seldom share the sorrowful stories. I guess in a way it’s better, as they say ” Write your hurts on sand and carve your benefits on stone “, for obvious reasons.

The more people you interact with, you will find that the others too have been through bad times and have been equally hurt and sorrowful at different times. You find that their problems if not same could be similar and sometimes bigger. But there are people who manage and present themselves magnificently even in tough times. Really admirable. It takes a lot of strength to do so.

Days are dull and energy is low. One of the times when everything seems bleak and tiny things bother. When you keep questioning and interrogating yourself for everything you do, beating yourself up by your thoughts. Looking forward to a refreshing break which will probably charge me to be up and ready for any forthcoming challenges.


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