Feeling blue!

Don’t most of us always try to present a happy picture of ourselves everywhere? We upload pics where we look best. We write posts about the fun holiday we had, the great day we had and how hunky-dory everything is. But everyone has problems and seldom do we share them, least of all to strangers. Probably that’s why blogging about stuff that make you sad or portrays a different side of you is difficult.

All or most of us have the usual problems, the fights at home, the cranky kids, the horrible boss, the work pressure, the nagging wife, the dominant husband etc. We seldom share the sorrowful stories. I guess in a way it’s better, as they say ” Write your hurts on sand and carve your benefits on stone “, for obvious reasons.

The more people you interact with, you will find that the others too have been through bad times and have been equally hurt and sorrowful at different times. You find that their problems if not same could be similar and sometimes bigger. But there are people who manage and present themselves magnificently even in tough times. Really admirable. It takes a lot of strength to do so.

Days are dull and energy is low. One of the times when everything seems bleak and tiny things bother. When you keep questioning and interrogating yourself for everything you do, beating yourself up by your thoughts. Looking forward to a refreshing break which will probably charge me to be up and ready for any forthcoming challenges.



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5 responses to “Feeling blue!

  1. Lovely post! And i totally get what you mean. I’ve had a horrible string of misfortunes going back to back lately and I hate coming off as some sad/depressed person because of it. Its hard but I’m trying to remain optimistic. After all, feeling sad won’t magically make anything any better.

    • Hey Afsal, thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment. 🙂
      What you said is so true… I hope things get better for you too, just hang in there!!

  2. Mi

    I am sure this too shall pass. I was sulking a while ago too. But now, all is well.
    Hope you see the optimism soon too.

  3. Anonymous

    Hang in there ? How long.. @tyms feel u may leave, come out of it to see all is well ..

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