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Who decides what’s the limit? Is there a limit to anything at all? After tolerating how much, are you supposed to react? If you do, a hundred other fingers and voices pop up, to point at you for what you did and advise you on what to do and what not.

People who set limits for us, do they realize how many things there are, in which they have crossed their limits? Just because people put up with your ways, it doesn’t mean that you are right and whatever you do is right.

I am exhausted, all I can do is rant. Tired of putting up with people who never seem to put themselves in another person’s shoe, even for a moment. I am tired of these self obsessed people who think they are right all the time. They are just probably hiding their incompetency by masking themselves with this commanding, demanding and unreasonable nature. Go! Take a break!!

Amidst all these are a few people who keep you sane. I literally cling on to them and eat up their head all the time. Ah! Thank God for small mercies.. 🙂


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