For those of you who’ve watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you might remember “TOW with the Apothecary Table” episode, where Ross comments about Phoebe liking her things to be one of a kind by saying “You know what’s not one of a kind, a Twin!”.

I totally disagree. Twins being born is so unique (if you know what I mean). It’s two of a kind I know, but twins being born itself is one of a kind amongst the usual. When my sister was carrying, I used to keep telling her, if it were to be twins it would be so exciting. She would retort back saying “Yeah right! Handling and bringing up one kid is difficult enough.” Whenever me and she did or thought something similar, which would be a lot of times, we would call each other “two twin papaas” born five and a half years apart. 😀

It’s so fascinating. It’s not that I don’t know the biology behind it, I do. I find it fascinating in spite of that. 🙂 The fact that they are very attached to each other. The things I have heard, that if one cries, so does the other. If one falls sick, so does the other. 😦 How they are inseparable etc, everything is fascinating. We had twins in our class too. The guys looked so alike and many people couldn’t tell them apart. They were really close to each other. Heard that they almost cried when they had to join different companies as they had studied together all along too.

The Raghu-Rajiv twist in MTV Roadies was cool surprise and added a new dimension to the show I would say. Also did you know that the baby you saw in the movie Baby’s Day Out was not one but two. 😀 They were twins too. They were alternately worked with as when one was tired. 🙂 Amazing isn’t it?

Why I am yapping away about twins? That’s because a friend of mine from work delivered twins three days back, a boy and a girl! 😀 I am just super-excited and waiting to go see them sometime soon. Also I had been planning to crochet blankets for them, but didn’t have the right yarn. When ordering the yarn also I was wondering what color to choose. What if I choose pink and both were boys or what if I choose blue and both were girls, so I chose colors according to what might look good. I’m yet to lay my hands on them. Then, I’ll be crocheting away. 🙂 Anyway now it being one boy and one girl, it’s perfect. I hope the babies find the blanket soft and warm. 🙂



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4 responses to “Twins

  1. Mi

    I have 2 pairs of twins in my family..both pairs – both boys 😀 One boy and one girl, is really interesting!
    And yeah, twins are definitely an interesting thing to happen! 🙂

    Crochet blankets…wow..put a pic on the blog once u are done!! 🙂

  2. Mishra Ji

    Babies are pleasant and with two in hand, well… nothing could be better 🙂 But sister is right actually – ek toh sambhalta nahin 😛 I have not met any twins as such neither have I seen any in real life. Would be fun if some day I bump on to one …
    I like the way you narrate things…simply 🙂 Keep it up and do write more often. WIll poke around 😀
    Thank you for the post !

    • You’ve never met twins! That’s sort of surprising! Hope you do bump into some one. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!
      Thank you for dropping by and commenting on the post! 🙂 Glad you like it! See you around… 🙂

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