Jaago re!

It’s madness, utter madness!

We compare ourselves to the big nations, talk about getting there, talk about how much progress we are making in technologies and urbanization. Yet, there is a lacking in the basic civic sense in human beings. We are all aware as to how some people live totally oblivious to the fact that their surroundings aren’t clean or that they are spitting on the same roads that they would be walking on. No matter how much the Government does wrt such issues, unless the people themselves feel the need, I don’t think anything will change.

The Government of Karnataka and TamilNadu (I speak for these states only, as I have lived there) have hired professional painters and got the walls along so many streets painted with beautiful paintings depicting the state’s customs, art and other cultural facets. All this done because there are people who go around sticking bills/posters on every free wall, there are people who care a damn and pee on every other wall. This was done to prevent them.

Two incidents today left me enraged! Both related to the crowd in the major bus stands. There’s a huge rush during the peak hours at bus stands, esp for the buses going towards IT Parks, situated in different parts of the city. I try and start early to beat the heat and avoid the crowd. Today, I was late by 15 min. The crowd on my platform was high. I missed about four buses waiting for the crowd to reduce. But people just kept coming and coming. Finally, when I decided to get on a bus, there was a mad rush at the door with people shoving and pushing each other. I was feeling helpless just wanting to get out of it. Then, someone pinched my backside. Bloody hell! Being a woman, I’ve seen many such situations. It’s not the first time when some stranger misbehaved with me. Generally it’s some for of eve-teasing, trying to come close in a crowded bus, trying touch when in a crowd. But this was outrageous!

I turned around and instantly recognized the jerk from his expression and body language. I punched him once on his arm and before I could blast him or give him a few more punches, he started making his way out of the crowd and ran. I followed him, but he escaped. If I had caught hold of him, I would have gotten him beaten black and blue.

The thing of utmost disgust was that he was a professional, probably on his way to office, with a neat laptop backpack on him. It’s a shame on such people and their behavior. Not for a second do they stop and think about the girl. Wouldn’t the same sort of things be happening to their sisters/mother. If their family is of concern to them, aren’t other girls also a part of some family. I am totally disgusted and tired of people behaving in such a manner with women. Instead of handling such situations, political leaders comment about the dressing sense of women. Harayana women and child development department recently declared that jeans and t-shirt is an indecent form of clothing for their women employees. What such people need to realize is that, a salwar-kameez or jeans-tshirt is not a criteria for such misbehaving people, they will continue to do the same.

The evening crowd was equally maddening, with the people not even letting the others on the bus alight. They were pushing their way amidst that. I was pushed to the edge of the bus door and nearly crushed. I was left with a red mark and pain for quite a while on my arm. I would say, the queue system has never been followed or respected in our country. People don’t realize that being organized will get the things done faster and better. The Govt. has provided numerous buses for the busy routes. The buses are of great quality and scheduled at regular frequency. Yet, the rush for the seats and the unruly behavior doesn’t stop. If you are a person, who thinks about the system and rules and how to behave, all that happens to you, is that you get crushed. Nobody would even bother about it. Saddening, but true..

Really, will India ever be developed, in the true sense? 😦



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4 responses to “Jaago re!

  1. Anu

    It is sickening that these sort of incidents are happening even today… I have been at the receiving end of many such instances during the days when I took the BMTC to reach college and office… just the memory of such incidents makes my blood boil. As you say, in many cases these bloody perverts are educated jerks. I’m so glad that you gave him a punch, you should’ve kicked him too. The only way to get away from such bad experiences is to depend on the office transport or stick to the Volvos – even if it is costlier, it is worth it 😦

  2. I guess things are way better in Blore. Here, in Delhi, things are worse. The capital or say the rape capital, never a day goes by when I don’t read up about some news report on rape. Pathetic it is !
    I personally do not think its about education at all. What we normally call education is equated with getting a degree. But we rarely let those teachings to seep into our personal system- as if all that was done just to clear the exams. Result is that we remain the same male-chauvinists that we have always been. Even females get comfortable with that idea. Education has to be much more than that- but not many care…
    A girl, who has been very dear to me over the years, was meeting up prospective guys for marriage and there was this fellow who, after a couple of phone calls spoke his mind. He believed women are the object of sex and belong in the kitchen. And that guy was working in Coke, had MBA degree and was earning 10 lakhs more than what I am ( which is zero πŸ˜€ ). She rejected her ofcourse, over me πŸ˜› but I don’t think many will repeat that.
    Women need to fight for their rights without assuming support from males- that is the only way forward… Ekla Cholo Re is the song for that πŸ™‚

  3. I know, I have heard/read about the situation in Delhi. 😦
    I stress on the being educated part because our education system does teach us about the how we are progressing, how women are now on par with men. It does have moral science lessons. But like you rightly said it never seeps into the individuals!
    Thank god that atleast the girl got to know about the guy’s opinion and she rejected the offer. This is what I am most scared of in the marriage prospect! Totally agree with you on women having to play their part. Unless they voice out the prob and deal with it, there’s no way out..

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