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Juke Box

Hey there!

I know new year’s been here for a while now and I’ve been all lazy about doing a post. That’s because there have been small, different, unrelated updates from my end and I couldn’t figure out what to write. My blog turned two years old, five days back. So, I’m feeling all guilty about being irregular **shame faced**.

What’s new in the new year for you? I have made a whole lot of resolutions and struggling to keep up with them. But it’s nice feeling to be determined to do some thing. No matter how small it is. 🙂

I had written about a birthday swap in a group that I am part of, at Ravelry. We finished two birthdays. I successfully wrapped up gifts for the b’day ladies and sent it across. I’m so happy that they liked it. I embroidered using a stitch kit and crocheted a purse. Though the embroidery took quite a while to finish, I loved it. I loved the picture the moment I saw it and picked it up clearly deciding whom I gotta send it to. 🙂 The purse on the other hand was a very cute project. I don’t feel I did enough justice to the pattern. I could have done it better.

Yay!! Next’s my turn. After seeing all the lovely gifts that was sent on these birthdays, I am so looking forward to mine. The excitement’s so high already. 🙂 First time that I would be receiving so many gifts for my birthday. After all quarter century is special ;). What say? 🙂

I haven’t even written baby updates for a while. My god! The things my nephew has learnt and can do now cannot be covered in a post. He now lovingly calls me chikki, walks all around the house and keeps us on our toes. Makes a dash for the stairs the moment people relax. 😀 His vocabulary has increased so much in just a little while. I just love the way he says banana, chikki, balalla (rightly said as baralla which means will not/doesn’t come), kolalla (again, it’s kodalla which means won’t give), bow-bow, bau (ball), atha-atha (for instance, he trips over the foot of the table and falls down. Cries and then beats the table as a punishment to it and says atha-atha) and the way he keeps the phone to his ear and says ello. 😀 Just so adorable that I can never get enough of him. 🙂

The new year on the other hand hasn’t brought anything great on the work front. It’s only more work, stress, politics and recently an argument with the manager. But, see.. I am making progress. 😉 I would have thought so much but kept out of such arguments before. By the way, that reminds me, that’s one of my resolutions this year. To do something which I wouldn’t have done last year. In the sense that I always think of things and never do it. This time, I wanna overcome the apprehension or laziness or fear or worry that could be behind the not doing and go ahead and do it. Whatever happens can always be dealt with later. Though I am writing this so easily here, believe me it’s damn tough. I am struggling, failing and retrying. Will be on this mission till the year end and see how much progress I make. 🙂

Went on a trip to Pondy with friends and had great fun roaming and shopping! Though the life has sort of come back to normal there after the storm. The scars that the Thane has left all over the place is  clearly visible in the form of huge uprooted trees in large numbers, affected buildings, fallen sign boards etc. We take so many things for granted. Calamities like these strike and brings people back to reality and shows how blessed we are in so many ways, to be safe and alive.

A series of engagement, wedding and kiddo’s b’day (of course three different friends’s!) lined up to attend, back in b’lore. This only adds more momentum to the nightmarish groom hunt. Hmmph! 😦

I know this was a totally random, long post. But it was long pending. Sometimes, randomness is just as good as clarity. 🙂



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Sense and Sensibility

Common sense is uncommon they say. People prove it time and again and keep getting on my nerves. Forget about common sense, is anything like courtesy and basic ethics left? Believe me this has nothing to do with education. While the well-educated lot act like barbarians, many of the uneducated are so courteous and friendly.

An irritated me at the railway station, getting down the staircase. Suddenly there’s a mini waterfall and my slippers get all wet. Considering how cleeean the station is, it’s a yucky situation. Surprised, I turn around only to see a middle-aged moron (forgive me for forgetting my manners) has just emptied his big can of water. Right there! In the middle of the staircase! Amongst so many people! I wish I could just go punch him in the face. All I do is grumble loudly and walk off.

Rewind back for about an hour and you will know why I am irritated in the first place. I was on the way to the central station in the local train. This travel takes more than an hour for me and my recent technique of warding off the boredom is by crocheting. Right now I am in the process of crocheting a scarf and am unable to find enough time after work, to finish it in time to gift it to a friend. So I was happy to have found time for it on the train. I got a call in the middle of it and was busy on the phone, when I suddenly noticed the rows of crocheted scarf are opening up rapidly. I was shocked and held on to it tight and turned around expecting the ball of yarn to have fallen off and the lady in the seat behind possibly sitting on it or something of the sort. But what I see is the string of yarn flying outside the train’s window. I was too shocked for words and all that I could do, was blabber to the lady asking her the same question over about five to six times, “you threw it out of the window? you threw it out of the window? you threw it out of the window?…...” and she to my disbelief responding with a YES each time! Clueless about how should I retort, the first thing that came to my mind, was to cut off the remaining yarn so that my scarf is saved. 😦

Once done with it, I demanded an explanation and what she had to say is that she got scared looking at it and threw it. For God’s sake!! It’s wool!! Haven’t you ever seen wool? Fine. Even if it’s a bomb, what how sensible are you being by throwing it out of the window and not informing anybody around or cautioning the others? The incident pissed me off so much. Also I lost my ball of lovely yarn. 😦

You are not a bad person, but you still dislike someone, for valid reasons or for no reason at all. Sound’s familiar? Guess it’s the presence of such people, which makes us appreciate the sensible ones for their intellect and awesomeness (had to use this word, just for the love of it!). What’s your take on such people?

ETA: Well, the scarf did turn out well inspite of the yarn mishap.. 😀 Here’s a peek.


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The Crochet Along Bag

It’s done…. Finished it over the weekend, but had no time to post the pics… This was done as a part of the Crochet Along/Knit Along with the South Asian Crafters, which is a group at Ravelry. The theme was bags. Here’s mine… 🙂 I’m pretty pleased with it.

What do you say??


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Things keeping me busy

Wasn’t able to think of anything new to write, so I thought will give you a peek into what I’m upto nowadays apart from the usual office work…. The pictures aren’t very clear coz they are taken from a cell phone…

Try guessing what am I making?
I hope the the end product looks as lovely as the colors are!!
This is still in the initial stage..

 Apart from these what I am hooked onto is this –

My fav author 🙂

Will post pictures once I complete all the stuff and that time I will try taking pictures from a better camera… 🙂


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