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Happy Friendship Day!


To all my friends, bloggers or otherwise, a Happy Friendship Day! 🙂

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Show Time

The last weekend was so much fun! With friends having come down from Pune, we roamed around and watched two movies on consecutive days. 🙂

On Saturday, we went to Bol Bachchan. OMG! I found it a b-o-r-e. It was a big screen Comedy Circus. The movie was filled with people from the show. The comedians, Krishna, VIP (thankfully Saloni ko nahi liya), the judge Archana Puran Singh, yahan tak ki jokes bhi!! Abominable! I felt that Rohit Shetty got out of the judge’s seat, took everyone around and made a movie. Probably the only person who was paid for the movie was Abhishek Bachchan. Ajay Devgan produced it himself and the heroines had miniature roles. 🙂 At the beginning of the movie Amitabh Bachchan says “movie mein hum hai nahi, sirf humara naam hi hai”. By the end of the movie I felt, “thank god! aap nahi the”.  Ajay Devgan, I guess is having difficulty getting out of the Singham mode. 😀 Probably the only other movie which I had found worse than this was Houseful. I had slept off in the theatre, when watching that. 😀 Overall, if you are a person who enjoys the jokes on comedy circus, you might enjoy the movie. Some of the dialogues with Ajay Devgan’s English translation was funny. Prachi Desai looked pretty as ever! I am not too fond of Asin, so no comments on her. 😛

Sunday, we watched Cocktail. It was a fun movie. One time watch. In my opinion, the new girl Diana is pretty and good at acting too.. Saif was his usual self. In fact I laughed much more on the jokes in this movie than the former. But his age has started to show. Gone are the days of DCH. 😦 Deepika looks amazing! Wish she could act equally good. 😛 A typical, modern day love triangle, fun to watch if you go with friends. The name of Saif’s character in the movie is Gautam. There was this huge group who had come to watch the movie and were sitting in a row in front of us. There was a guy by the same name in their group. The entire time, the others in the group kept pulling his leg and bursting out into loud laughter at the jokes. 😀 Great fun!

But, come to think of it, none of the movies nowadays are heart touching. They don’t leave an impression on you. It’s just become entertainment for a couple of hours. There used to be movies which moved us.Anand was one such movie for me. I have always liked Rajesh Khanna and loved many of his movies. Like they say, all good things have to come to an end. 😦 May his soul Rest In Peace.

Talking of movies, I saw Letters to Juliet, once again. 🙂 I love this movie! It’s amazingly romantic. Leaving you with a hope and dream. If you haven’t watched it yet, then please do!


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Him & Her

I try not to be too feminist in my opinions. I always try and think from the men’s point of view too. When I have friends arguing, with girls telling about how totally selfish men are and guys pointing at how money minded women are, I always try and speak objectively giving both of them examples of how the other one could be wrong too. But when things keep continuously going wrong in the life of close friends, one loses faith and one feels like flushing all the positive opinions down the drain.

Marriage is probably one of the institutions whose sanctity has been maintained over the years. Though there’s a lot of change in the trend, people still have faith in it in our country. The least a girl expects from a partner is to for him to understand and support her. An emotional support. Though the general opinion is the girls choose money over other things, I strongly believe and know that what girls look for is care. Girls are brought up in a more gentle manner and generally showered with a lot of love from their father, which is why they have similar expectations from their guy.

The guys on the other hand I feel are a lot less emotional (sometimes too hurtingly practical). Crying seems dramatic to them. They subdue their emotions. Some smoke, some drink and some get angered. Their ways to vent out the emotions I guess! Isn’t crying a lot less dangerous?? 🙂

I am bogged by all these thoughts because two close friends of mine, both girls, are facing different kinds of issues, even before their marriage. Well, one’s arranged and one’s a love cum arranged marriage (just as a clarification before you think on the love-arranged marriage theory, if you believe in it). The arranged marriage couple got ample time before the wedding to get to know each other. I think that was a great opportunity for them. But the guy acts all weird. He gets all worked up on her expectations, even the tiniest of them. But he wants her to behave in a certain manner that he expects. He’s loud mouthed and doesn’t bother about being in a public place too, when raising his voice. Due to all the contradictions that they have, they kept fighting and the matter came to the parents. Now it stands at a point where the parents say it’s too late and that the cards are printed and the couple trying to put up with each other.

The love marriage couple on the other hand know each other from 5 years. Yet, the guy blames the girl for the wedding getting arranged so early and not at the year end. The financial aspect of his concern is valid, but blaming the girl isn’t. The girl’s 26 and was facing a lot of parental pressure alongwith the family problems. She withstood all that for two years so that the guy gets enough time. Isn’t it his responsibility to take things in his stride and try not to make things more difficult for the girl, if he can’t make it any easier. After all this, he doesn’t want the girl to shift to the city where he is after marriage. He wants her to continue to stay in her current city till the end of this year. This he says gives him more time to earn enough money to take up/set up a rented house. Personally, I believe home is where the heart is, if they have each other I feel they could manage for a while with the basic necessities and gradually set up the house in a better manner.

Both these cases the girls are now unhappy, when all they expected was care, a few loving words and the partner’s companionship. If such are the ways of the world, the already scared me is getting more apprehensive about the guy I would meet. I sincerely wish, that women become more stronger and the men more emotional. Too much to wish for, is it?? 🙂

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For those of you who’ve watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you might remember “TOW with the Apothecary Table” episode, where Ross comments about Phoebe liking her things to be one of a kind by saying “You know what’s not one of a kind, a Twin!”.

I totally disagree. Twins being born is so unique (if you know what I mean). It’s two of a kind I know, but twins being born itself is one of a kind amongst the usual. When my sister was carrying, I used to keep telling her, if it were to be twins it would be so exciting. She would retort back saying “Yeah right! Handling and bringing up one kid is difficult enough.” Whenever me and she did or thought something similar, which would be a lot of times, we would call each other “two twin papaas” born five and a half years apart. 😀

It’s so fascinating. It’s not that I don’t know the biology behind it, I do. I find it fascinating in spite of that. 🙂 The fact that they are very attached to each other. The things I have heard, that if one cries, so does the other. If one falls sick, so does the other. 😦 How they are inseparable etc, everything is fascinating. We had twins in our class too. The guys looked so alike and many people couldn’t tell them apart. They were really close to each other. Heard that they almost cried when they had to join different companies as they had studied together all along too.

The Raghu-Rajiv twist in MTV Roadies was cool surprise and added a new dimension to the show I would say. Also did you know that the baby you saw in the movie Baby’s Day Out was not one but two. 😀 They were twins too. They were alternately worked with as when one was tired. 🙂 Amazing isn’t it?

Why I am yapping away about twins? That’s because a friend of mine from work delivered twins three days back, a boy and a girl! 😀 I am just super-excited and waiting to go see them sometime soon. Also I had been planning to crochet blankets for them, but didn’t have the right yarn. When ordering the yarn also I was wondering what color to choose. What if I choose pink and both were boys or what if I choose blue and both were girls, so I chose colors according to what might look good. I’m yet to lay my hands on them. Then, I’ll be crocheting away. 🙂 Anyway now it being one boy and one girl, it’s perfect. I hope the babies find the blanket soft and warm. 🙂


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Count Your Blessings

I crib a lot. All the time. Sort of the kind who finds happiness in being unhappy. 😉 I gotta do something about it. Decided to put down here, the things which according to me are blessings in disguise. 🙂

– The first spell of rain after the scorching summer.

– A tree filled with the brightest of flowers.

– Baby talk and laughter. 😀

– One glass of cool water after a tiring day.

– The friend calling you at the right time, when you are feeling low.

– The dripping ice-cream you are licking away. 😛

– The concern in mom’s voice.

– Puppy’s lick.

Don’t just the thought of these things bring a smile on your face? So if they aren’t blessings what are they? Don’t you agree?


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Something happens and you make up your mind that you will not do that again. A bit of you changes. Something happens in the life of someone close to you, you learn from that and make up your mind about not being a certain way. Someone cheats you and you make up your mind not trust anyone easily again. Someone blames you or finds fault in everything you do, you make up your mind to give so much to the things that you do that nobody ever gets a chance to blame you again. Every thing that happens, changes something within you. What I am saying is that what we are, is may be because of whatever has happened in our life.

People who don’t know me think I am a strong person, who knows what she does and won’t break down easily. Speaks to the point and what is required. People who do know me, know that I am an extremely emotional person and the slightest of words or things hurt me and make me cry. If you’ve seen me cry, then maybe you are one of the persons close to me. I am very hot headed and when upset or angry can’t think clearly. So I either start crying or arguing (Well, the end result of arguing also ends up with me crying).

I worry a lot. About the most frivolous things too. I think about all the possible negative scenarios. 😦 I came to be this way because back in my childhood days, I observed that when I was positive and hopeful about something, it never happened. This slowly made me think negatively and then when I got what I wanted I would be so happy. This made me think that I would jinx things, if I thought it would go great. I say touchwood for a million things!

But this emotional nature is affecting my work life. The slightest of issues cropping up in the things that I worked hard on makes me worry and bother. The manager is a total pain who doesn’t understand, so communication is a big issue. A lot of work seems to go unappreciated. Slightest of rude words or taunts or jokes from friends or colleagues, hurt me and makes me wanna cry.

A close friend fought with me for this nature of mine and told that this is not how I should work. I should not limit myself. I gotta stop thinking that things won’t work, that I will get blamed and everything will get messed up, what will people think etc. I was told by the friend, outright in the face that I should be able to accept criticism and that it doesn’t necessarily mean the other person is right. I gotta to stick to facts and need not worry about others as long as I know that I am right. No matter how many arguments we had, it ends up with me wanting to cry. I am finding it hard to even to imagine trying to change myself now. It seems like an impossible thing. What do you have to say? How easy would it be for you?

Get a feeling of having lost myself, somewhere. Can only think of the following lines, which seem so apt –

Ae waqt ruk ja, tham ja teher ja, wapas zara daud peeche.
Main chhod aayi khud ko jahan pe, woh reh gaya mod peeche….

P.S: ‘whoami’ is a command in Unix which identifies the logged in user. 😉 Yeah I know, I’m a gone case!! 🙂


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These dot separated letters remind us of just one thing, a popular sitcom on television. I guess most of us who have watched it have loved it. Each of its character is so varied and so special. Observe their characters closely and you can relate to them. You will see that you have friends who have some or all of the characteristics as those of the on-screen characters. What made me write this post, is a recent conversation I was having with a friend, who says, I behave like one of the characters of the sitcom. I won’t tell you which one. 😉

The characters, in the order of whom I like the most to whom I like a little less (there are none that I dislike :)) –

Joey – The handsomest and the most fun character of the group. One who loves food and doesn’t like sharing it. 😀 Falls in love with every other girl and doesn’t care. Yet, he loves the duck, chick and his friends and cries when they leave. 🙂

Phoebe – The amazing one. Talks straight from the heart, never lies and goes out of her way to do things that make others happy. Her car driving and music skills need a special mention. 😀

Chandler – The wittiest. The one who can joke in the gravest situations. Sarcastic humor is his forte. Dislikes his job, but continues to do it for the sake of money.

Monica – The loud one. Boisterous and the one to have it her own way. The chef cum host of the group, who is obsessive about cleaning. Touchy about having been fat in her childhood. 🙂

Ross – The geek. He can’t stop when he starts talking about his research and work. The responsible one, who thinks before he does something. Loves his kid.

Rachel – The beautiful one, whom everybody falls for. She’s the rich, spoilt girl who learns it the hard way to live simple. When learnt, can’t live without her friends.

Look around and you’ll find friends around you who are like the above mentioned. Some rich, some poor. Some beautiful, some average. Some who can crack up jokes anytime, anywhere and some who are serious and responsible. Some innocent, some straightforward. Some control freaks and some who just follow others. Variety is the spice of life.

Friends are extended family, with whom you laugh hard till you cry and at times cry till you feel sore. They are there to help in times of need and to laugh at you when you do something dumb. The whole point is that they are there. 🙂


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