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Jaago re!

It’s madness, utter madness!

We compare ourselves to the big nations, talk about getting there, talk about how much progress we are making in technologies and urbanization. Yet, there is a lacking in the basic civic sense in human beings. We are all aware as to how some people live totally oblivious to the fact that their surroundings aren’t clean or that they are spitting on the same roads that they would be walking on. No matter how much the Government does wrt such issues, unless the people themselves feel the need, I don’t think anything will change.

The Government of Karnataka and TamilNadu (I speak for these states only, as I have lived there) have hired professional painters and got the walls along so many streets painted with beautiful paintings depicting the state’s customs, art and other cultural facets. All this done because there are people who go around sticking bills/posters on every free wall, there are people who care a damn and pee on every other wall. This was done to prevent them.

Two incidents today left me enraged! Both related to the crowd in the major bus stands. There’s a huge rush during the peak hours at bus stands, esp for the buses going towards IT Parks, situated in different parts of the city. I try and start early to beat the heat and avoid the crowd. Today, I was late by 15 min. The crowd on my platform was high. I missed about four buses waiting for the crowd to reduce. But people just kept coming and coming. Finally, when I decided to get on a bus, there was a mad rush at the door with people shoving and pushing each other. I was feeling helpless just wanting to get out of it. Then, someone pinched my backside. Bloody hell! Being a woman, I’ve seen many such situations. It’s not the first time when some stranger misbehaved with me. Generally it’s some for of eve-teasing, trying to come close in a crowded bus, trying touch when in a crowd. But this was outrageous!

I turned around and instantly recognized the jerk from his expression and body language. I punched him once on his arm and before I could blast him or give him a few more punches, he started making his way out of the crowd and ran. I followed him, but he escaped. If I had caught hold of him, I would have gotten him beaten black and blue.

The thing of utmost disgust was that he was a professional, probably on his way to office, with a neat laptop backpack on him. It’s a shame on such people and their behavior. Not for a second do they stop and think about the girl. Wouldn’t the same sort of things be happening to their sisters/mother. If their family is of concern to them, aren’t other girls also a part of some family. I am totally disgusted and tired of people behaving in such a manner with women. Instead of handling such situations, political leaders comment about the dressing sense of women. Harayana women and child development department recently declared that jeans and t-shirt is an indecent form of clothing for their women employees. What such people need to realize is that, a salwar-kameez or jeans-tshirt is not a criteria for such misbehaving people, they will continue to do the same.

The evening crowd was equally maddening, with the people not even letting the others on the bus alight. They were pushing their way amidst that. I was pushed to the edge of the bus door and nearly crushed. I was left with a red mark and pain for quite a while on my arm. I would say, the queue system has never been followed or respected in our country. People don’t realize that being organized will get the things done faster and better. The Govt. has provided numerous buses for the busy routes. The buses are of great quality and scheduled at regular frequency. Yet, the rush for the seats and the unruly behavior doesn’t stop. If you are a person, who thinks about the system and rules and how to behave, all that happens to you, is that you get crushed. Nobody would even bother about it. Saddening, but true..

Really, will India ever be developed, in the true sense? 😦


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Him & Her

I try not to be too feminist in my opinions. I always try and think from the men’s point of view too. When I have friends arguing, with girls telling about how totally selfish men are and guys pointing at how money minded women are, I always try and speak objectively giving both of them examples of how the other one could be wrong too. But when things keep continuously going wrong in the life of close friends, one loses faith and one feels like flushing all the positive opinions down the drain.

Marriage is probably one of the institutions whose sanctity has been maintained over the years. Though there’s a lot of change in the trend, people still have faith in it in our country. The least a girl expects from a partner is to for him to understand and support her. An emotional support. Though the general opinion is the girls choose money over other things, I strongly believe and know that what girls look for is care. Girls are brought up in a more gentle manner and generally showered with a lot of love from their father, which is why they have similar expectations from their guy.

The guys on the other hand I feel are a lot less emotional (sometimes too hurtingly practical). Crying seems dramatic to them. They subdue their emotions. Some smoke, some drink and some get angered. Their ways to vent out the emotions I guess! Isn’t crying a lot less dangerous?? 🙂

I am bogged by all these thoughts because two close friends of mine, both girls, are facing different kinds of issues, even before their marriage. Well, one’s arranged and one’s a love cum arranged marriage (just as a clarification before you think on the love-arranged marriage theory, if you believe in it). The arranged marriage couple got ample time before the wedding to get to know each other. I think that was a great opportunity for them. But the guy acts all weird. He gets all worked up on her expectations, even the tiniest of them. But he wants her to behave in a certain manner that he expects. He’s loud mouthed and doesn’t bother about being in a public place too, when raising his voice. Due to all the contradictions that they have, they kept fighting and the matter came to the parents. Now it stands at a point where the parents say it’s too late and that the cards are printed and the couple trying to put up with each other.

The love marriage couple on the other hand know each other from 5 years. Yet, the guy blames the girl for the wedding getting arranged so early and not at the year end. The financial aspect of his concern is valid, but blaming the girl isn’t. The girl’s 26 and was facing a lot of parental pressure alongwith the family problems. She withstood all that for two years so that the guy gets enough time. Isn’t it his responsibility to take things in his stride and try not to make things more difficult for the girl, if he can’t make it any easier. After all this, he doesn’t want the girl to shift to the city where he is after marriage. He wants her to continue to stay in her current city till the end of this year. This he says gives him more time to earn enough money to take up/set up a rented house. Personally, I believe home is where the heart is, if they have each other I feel they could manage for a while with the basic necessities and gradually set up the house in a better manner.

Both these cases the girls are now unhappy, when all they expected was care, a few loving words and the partner’s companionship. If such are the ways of the world, the already scared me is getting more apprehensive about the guy I would meet. I sincerely wish, that women become more stronger and the men more emotional. Too much to wish for, is it?? 🙂

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Do you ever feel like boring a hole through someone’s ear and making them try to listen to you? Yeah I feel that a lot nowadays. Had always heard that all managers are a pain, never believed in it. Always thought it all depends on how we handle it. If someone gives me my own theory for an advice now, they might end up getting punched in the face. All I would have to say is go and work in my place. Also if you are a manager and you are here reading this, then I just hope you are not one of this kind and  if you are, then I hope you get some sense after reading this.

For one, he is a totally non-technical guy who doesn’t even know some of the basics of the product that he is selling to his customers. He’s been here for more than 3 years now. Arre ab toh kuch karo!

Off late he has been getting into a row with the director of  the project. Why, you ask? That’s because he over commits everything. In the team you do an estimate and tell him that it needs three weeks to complete the analysis and design. He would go and commit for completing the implementation in three weeks, when parallely working on something else. To top it all, the requirements are never-ever clear. It has happened more than a couple of times when he has insisted and I have gone ahead and done the analysis, design and implementation and it has turned out later on that the feature has been deferred and we will not be supporting it. All my time and effort down the stinking drain. x-(

You try explaining something to him, it bounces of his head. I wonder if it even touches the ear-drum. 😐

His vocabulary is so limited. For instance, some of his regulars are – “that must be just a 2 line code change“, “no, no, no, it’s not like that”, “you can push it today na” ( he means the code change 😉 ), “that’s a very good suggestion”. For heaven’s sake! Not everything is a 2 line code change, shut up and listen, it can’t be pushed today no matter how hard you try and think something on your own too.

He thinks that people have no life apart from work. Announces a weekend work schedule on a Friday evening, calls up at 9.30 in the night asking you to connect to a meeting at 10.30 pm, which goes on till 12.30 am. Calls you on weekends to find out if the issue is tested. Ask him for leave, he asks you to work from home. Ask for work from home, juniors are not privileged for it. Taking leave on Fridays and Mondays will include the Saturday and Sunday and the client will not bill us. So, all the outstation people, forget you families.

Yeah I can go on and on. You ask why am I here, shouting out hoarse? Coz this is where I can!! Remember, he doesn’t listen? Well, like I said in the previous post, already had an argument too. One year into the project here and you already wake up in the morning, not wanting to go to work, man that’s an achievement! 😦


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Old is Gold??

Are you one of those people who resist a change? If yes, then you are totally going to understand my sentiments here.

This place below had been the same since when I can remember. True to it’s name it has always been the place for the common man.

Janata Hotel - Malleshwaram

This hotel which has been standing in the midst of the busiest road in an area called Malleshwaram for over 50 years has always been known for it’s wonderful masala dosas, vadas and mangaluru bajjis. Though a small place it’s always packed to it’s full capacity with times when the queue of people waiting for a seat extends beyond the entrance.

This place has always been the place that has to be visited whenever we go to Malleshwaram, from the time when we were school kids. In fact my dad remembers visiting this place from when he was a school kid.

Over the time there were a few changes but mostly ones like the size of the dosa getting reduced as the price of commodities went up. 🙂 But recently when I went there on one of the weekends when I was here, noticed that the interiors had changed and also it has been made a self-service hotel. I was shocked but hoped that it would turn out fine.

But somehow it doesn’t feel the same again. You have to now buy a token and wait at the crowded counter. It results in a mess with most people grumbling, some crashing into you and ending up waiting as you cannot expect to be served in the order. The couple of times that I have gone there after the change I have always heard the people, especially the oldsters scolding, saying that they have seen the place for over 40 – 50 years and nothing had changed so far.

The management says that it was tough controlling the crowd and also there were many people who made a misuse of the it and went away without paying. Though they are right, somehow the fond memories of the place force you to make comparisons and think twice about going there again. 😦


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Sense and Sensibility

Common sense is uncommon they say. People prove it time and again and keep getting on my nerves. Forget about common sense, is anything like courtesy and basic ethics left? Believe me this has nothing to do with education. While the well-educated lot act like barbarians, many of the uneducated are so courteous and friendly.

An irritated me at the railway station, getting down the staircase. Suddenly there’s a mini waterfall and my slippers get all wet. Considering how cleeean the station is, it’s a yucky situation. Surprised, I turn around only to see a middle-aged moron (forgive me for forgetting my manners) has just emptied his big can of water. Right there! In the middle of the staircase! Amongst so many people! I wish I could just go punch him in the face. All I do is grumble loudly and walk off.

Rewind back for about an hour and you will know why I am irritated in the first place. I was on the way to the central station in the local train. This travel takes more than an hour for me and my recent technique of warding off the boredom is by crocheting. Right now I am in the process of crocheting a scarf and am unable to find enough time after work, to finish it in time to gift it to a friend. So I was happy to have found time for it on the train. I got a call in the middle of it and was busy on the phone, when I suddenly noticed the rows of crocheted scarf are opening up rapidly. I was shocked and held on to it tight and turned around expecting the ball of yarn to have fallen off and the lady in the seat behind possibly sitting on it or something of the sort. But what I see is the string of yarn flying outside the train’s window. I was too shocked for words and all that I could do, was blabber to the lady asking her the same question over about five to six times, “you threw it out of the window? you threw it out of the window? you threw it out of the window?…...” and she to my disbelief responding with a YES each time! Clueless about how should I retort, the first thing that came to my mind, was to cut off the remaining yarn so that my scarf is saved. 😦

Once done with it, I demanded an explanation and what she had to say is that she got scared looking at it and threw it. For God’s sake!! It’s wool!! Haven’t you ever seen wool? Fine. Even if it’s a bomb, what how sensible are you being by throwing it out of the window and not informing anybody around or cautioning the others? The incident pissed me off so much. Also I lost my ball of lovely yarn. 😦

You are not a bad person, but you still dislike someone, for valid reasons or for no reason at all. Sound’s familiar? Guess it’s the presence of such people, which makes us appreciate the sensible ones for their intellect and awesomeness (had to use this word, just for the love of it!). What’s your take on such people?

ETA: Well, the scarf did turn out well inspite of the yarn mishap.. 😀 Here’s a peek.


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