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Unshakable Bonds?

I was sitting with a friend and chatting with him about the resignation letter he put today, just after lunch. Had a cup of coffee on the table. I observe that there’s continuous shaking of the table. That’s when I realized that the chair was shaking too, I asked him “are you shaking your legs?” for which he responded with “No, but someone is surely shaking their legs.” That’s when we realized it was an earthquake. It was too much to ignore. We asked the lady on the other table and she confirmed the weird shaking too.

We got up from our tables and then we see people rushing out of the cafeteria in groups. All headed towards the elevators and staircase. The tremors had ceased by the time we got down the stairs of eight floors. I was jokingly telling my friend that he just put his papers and it made the earth shake, what would happen when he leaves. That’s when we got to know about the 8.9 Richter scale earthquake in Indonesia and about the tremors that have been felt across so many states in India. Within ten minutes the networks were jammed, with people trying to reach their loved ones. Such are the bonds of love and care aren’t they?

The whole incident brought back memories from childhood. My first experience with an earthquake was way back in school ( I am sure that people who are good with dates would still remember the year atleast, but I’ve forgotten it. 😦 ). We were all in class when we it was announced that there was an earthquake and we had to evacuate the building. All kids were rushed to the open grounds adjacent to the school campus. Being kids and it being theΒ only time such Β a thing had happened in Bangalore, we were terrified.

All girls were sobbing and wanted to go back home. Those being the days when kids didn’t carry mobile phone, we couldn’t contact anyone. I vividly remember crying and expressing the wish to meet my sister. When my friends asked why am I not concerned about my parents, I told that they would manage to be fine on their own, but my sis was alone at college. I wondered how she would reach home. I remembered her a million times and prayed and prayed for her to be safe.

We were so close to each other. We would talk about everything. Since the age difference is more, she was always like a second mom, taking care of me and reprimanding me for anything wrong I did, but supporting me at all times. She was and is my savior in a lot of situations. Times and responsibilities have changed. Having a full time job and a prankster at home, she is occupied all the time. We don’t speak for weeks together sometimes. When we do meet up, the tiny tot is the obvious one to get all the attention. Hopefully we get time soon to catch up and act like typical sisters. πŸ˜€

You tell me, what were you upto, when mother earth decided to do a jig?? πŸ˜‰


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Power Cuts

Come summer the common things we hear of are the high temperatures, water scarcity and power cuts. With trees being cut down without a forethought, leading to untimely rains and unpredictable weather cycles, power cut is a thing everybody is expecting and is prepared for during summer.

Power cuts are a thing that people detest. Firstly, people are accustomed to using fans and air conditioners during summer. They have to bear the heat during power cuts. Secondly the television in almost every house is running all the time whether or not anyone’s watching it. No chance of watching the tv during power cut. If there’s an IPL match being telecast during the power cut, then God save the people working in the Electricity Board from all the curses that are cast on them by the people. Have scheduled power cuts, people come up with ideas of finishing all the required tasks well before the scheduled time. Make the cuts unscheduled, the parents start complaining of how kids are unable to study for exams.

Majority of the people today are prepared for the power cuts having Inverters/UPS facility in their residence and work places. The only time they are probably in darkness is when they sleep or when the UPS stops working for an unknown reason. The city life is such that there’s traffic and lights at all times, even at night. People have become so used to this kind of a lifestyle that probably they cant even imagine staying in the darkness for a couple of hours.

I on the other hand like power cuts. πŸ™‚ Call me insane if you want. But I find it weird that people want to have lights around them at all times. Some are such that they can’t even sleep without a bed lamp :O. I like power cuts (especially if they are during the evenings) for various reasons…

* First and foremost is that, it is to save power, of which we have a scarcity.
*Β  I think every person should and must have an experience of being in the darkness for a while. It is beautiful… πŸ™‚
* Darkness lets me be with myself, even if it is for a couple of hours or minutes. I think it is the time to contemplate and think about oneself and the others.
* I love the way the brightness of the moon becomes prominent during power cut which at other times is overshadowed by the city street lights.. 😦
* It brings you closer to your family members.
* It makes you realize how bright and beautiful the life is at other times.

I have many fond memories associated with power cuts… πŸ™‚ Back then when I was in school, the time when our family and my uncle’s family lived in two different floors of the same house, power cuts meant fun time!! πŸ™‚ Me and my sis would gleefully run upstairs to join our cousins, uncles and aunt. The entire time was spent playing Antakshari, Word Building, Quizzes and what not… πŸ™‚ The elders would team up against kids or it would be be boys versus girls. It was so much fun.. πŸ˜€ We would stop the game when the power is back and continue it from there the next time. Thats something that I badly miss from the time my cousins and their family shifted to a different house… 😦

During one such dark evening when we were playing Antakshari, there was a knock on the door of my uncle’s house. Since I was nearest to the door, I went and opened it. It was pitch dark outside. It scared the hell out of me to see no one there.. I banged the door shut and ran inside. I was just telling that there was nobody, when there was a knock again. I almost wept out of fear. My uncle, who’s a civil engineer went and opened the door to find one of his workers outside. This worker I’m talking about has a very very dark complexion. I hadn’t seen him coz of the darkness outside. The worker said “Avaru nanna nodi baagilu haaki bittru !!” (she saw me and shut the door!!). How my cousins and everyone else laughed at me that day, is one thing I’ll never forget.. 😦 . One thing that I’m thankful for, till date, is that the person outside didn’t smile, else I would have fainted seeing a set of white teeth in the pitch darkness… :O

I was a very fidgety kid, unable to sit in one place and study. My sis on the other hand would sit for hours and would get up only when she finished a chapter atleast. I would keep making trips to the kitchen, looking for something to eat or drink, or would go disturb her. But I loved to sit and study in the candle light during power cuts. It was just to show off to my parents, that I’m so hard working. ( Now I feel, its probably one of the reasons I wear spectacles and my sis doesn’t πŸ˜› )

I’m so thankful that even now we don’t have a UPS system in our house. I hope we don’t need one too… But the candles have been replaced by an emergency lamp. I avoid the light and go sit in the dark room during power cuts. πŸ™‚ It brings back to me all the good memories and makes me like it all the more.. πŸ™‚

PS: The only time I get upset with a power cut is when my computer gets switched off (poof!!)and I haven’t saved the file.. πŸ˜›


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You’ve got mail !!

Remember the days when post meant the letters arriving from the postal department and not posts on blogs or posting something on the wall in facebook? The days when if somebody asked “Did you get the mail?” it meant some awaited letter and not email πŸ˜›

I remember the days when me and a close friend ‘B’ who was then in Hyderabad kept in touch by writing letters to each other. Let me clarify that it wasn’t ages ago like what one would think. We wrote letters to each other till a couple of years back… It was a wonderful experience in itself. Looking forward to each other’s reply, scolding each other for replying late, going to the post office to buy inland letters or envelopes and stamps πŸ™‚ All of it had a personal touch to it..

Come Birthdays or New Year or Friendship Day we would send cards to each other. It was a wonderful feeling to know that a friend cared… no matter how far we were. I still have all the cards and quite a few letters kept safely with me.

Feels sad that with changing times everything changes. Now when everyone’s inbox is flooded with forwards and emails about everything under the sun, nobody has the time or perhaps the gratitude to acknowledge any of it. Where are the friendly mails saying, “Hi, How are you? I’m fine.. Hope the same from you too..”?? There are hundreds of people on our contact list.. But how many of them are we in contact with?? The friendly green color shows that a friend is available and danger red indicates that he/she’s busy. But the conversations hardly go beyond “wassup?? nothing, just the usual..” When we have nothing to talk, we hide.. just make the status invisible and problem’s solved…

With the technology making things better and connectivity easier, are we moving further away from each other?? Point to ponder…


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