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Ball Lily

There was something orangish peeping out from between the neighbor’s plants.


Took a closer look to find out that it was the May flower! πŸ™‚ It’s called so, because it blooms only in the month of May in the entire year.. I read that it’s called Ball Lily! πŸ™‚

So fascinating and beautiful! Isn’t it?


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Moving Back..

I always thought I would feel elated when I am back home. Seems different although. Not that I am not happy, it’s mixed feelings. I am happy to be home with my family, be in my room, on my bed, eat mum made food. I get to see my nephew more often, play with him more. This way there’s not chance of him forgetting me. πŸ™‚Β  I haven’t written baby posts in a looong time. Whenever I think of doing it, he out-beats me by learning newer stuff, doing newer things. πŸ˜› I get to meet all my old friends, I get to roam in my favorite streets, eat from my favorite joints.

But I am missing so many things from back there. The freedom, the friends, the close distance to office. There it used to take me 40 min to 1 hour in a day for commute. Here it is almost 3.5 to 4 hours. 😦 The hours at office never seemed enough there. I worked for 10-12 hours consistently from the past six months in Chennai and liked it. Here the day at office seems to drag, with me waiting for it to be tea time. The entire team used to be chattering there. Now we, the two birds who flew away from the flock, keep waiting for the others to ping us. 😐

One welcoming thing here was the rain. It rained heavily last evening and the feeling was great. Though it caused traffic jams and delays, the rain is always welcome. Also, here I get the time to do, what at some point of time loved the most… Read… The long journey in the bus gives me enough time to read, I finished close to 50 pages today. πŸ™‚ I am currently reading “Tuesday’s with Morrie” by Mitch Albom and have nearly a dozen books waiting for me on my shelf. Also, there are a couple of weddings of close friends that are lined up in the coming week and that’s something I really looking forward to. πŸ™‚

I know I have been writing only about Chennai and me moving back in the past few posts. I hope I come around soon and write something else too…


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Unshakable Bonds?

I was sitting with a friend and chatting with him about the resignation letter he put today, just after lunch. Had a cup of coffee on the table. I observe that there’s continuous shaking of the table. That’s when I realized that the chair was shaking too, I asked him “are you shaking your legs?” for which he responded with “No, but someone is surely shaking their legs.” That’s when we realized it was an earthquake. It was too much to ignore. We asked the lady on the other table and she confirmed the weird shaking too.

We got up from our tables and then we see people rushing out of the cafeteria in groups. All headed towards the elevators and staircase. The tremors had ceased by the time we got down the stairs of eight floors. I was jokingly telling my friend that he just put his papers and it made the earth shake, what would happen when he leaves. That’s when we got to know about the 8.9 Richter scale earthquake in Indonesia and about the tremors that have been felt across so many states in India. Within ten minutes the networks were jammed, with people trying to reach their loved ones. Such are the bonds of love and care aren’t they?

The whole incident brought back memories from childhood. My first experience with an earthquake was way back in school ( I am sure that people who are good with dates would still remember the year atleast, but I’ve forgotten it. 😦 ). We were all in class when we it was announced that there was an earthquake and we had to evacuate the building. All kids were rushed to the open grounds adjacent to the school campus. Being kids and it being theΒ only time such Β a thing had happened in Bangalore, we were terrified.

All girls were sobbing and wanted to go back home. Those being the days when kids didn’t carry mobile phone, we couldn’t contact anyone. I vividly remember crying and expressing the wish to meet my sister. When my friends asked why am I not concerned about my parents, I told that they would manage to be fine on their own, but my sis was alone at college. I wondered how she would reach home. I remembered her a million times and prayed and prayed for her to be safe.

We were so close to each other. We would talk about everything. Since the age difference is more, she was always like a second mom, taking care of me and reprimanding me for anything wrong I did, but supporting me at all times. She was and is my savior in a lot of situations. Times and responsibilities have changed. Having a full time job and a prankster at home, she is occupied all the time. We don’t speak for weeks together sometimes. When we do meet up, the tiny tot is the obvious one to get all the attention. Hopefully we get time soon to catch up and act like typical sisters. πŸ˜€

You tell me, what were you upto, when mother earth decided to do a jig?? πŸ˜‰


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Old is Gold??

Are you one of those people who resist a change? If yes, then you are totally going to understand my sentiments here.

This place below had been the same since when I can remember. True to it’s name it has always been the place for the common man.

Janata Hotel - Malleshwaram

This hotel which has been standing in the midst of the busiest road in an area called Malleshwaram for over 50 years has always been known for it’s wonderful masala dosas, vadas and mangaluru bajjis. Though a small place it’s always packed to it’s full capacity with times when the queue of people waiting for a seat extends beyond the entrance.

This place has always been the place that has to be visited whenever we go to Malleshwaram, from the time when we were school kids. In fact my dad remembers visiting this place from when he was a school kid.

Over the time there were a few changes but mostly ones like the size of the dosa getting reduced as the price of commodities went up. πŸ™‚ But recently when I went there on one of the weekends when I was here, noticed that the interiors had changed and also it has been made a self-service hotel. I was shocked but hoped that it would turn out fine.

But somehow it doesn’t feel the same again. You have to now buy a token and wait at the crowded counter. It results in a mess with most people grumbling, some crashing into you and ending up waiting as you cannot expect to be served in the order. The couple of times that I have gone there after the change I have always heard the people, especially the oldsters scolding, saying that they have seen the place for over 40 – 50 years and nothing had changed so far.

The management says that it was tough controlling the crowd and also there were many people who made a misuse of the it and went away without paying. Though they are right, somehow the fond memories of the place force you to make comparisons and think twice about going there again. 😦


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>Life Around a Metro!!

>The Metro Rail successfully completed its test run in Bangalore, from Bayappanahalli to CMH Road. The only route that’ll open in the year 2011.

For me it’s sort of mixed emotions… As I mentioned in one of my posts, the Metro project has eaten away almost all the greenery, leaving the people longing for a fresh breath of air.

On the other hand, exists a hope that this will reduce the traffic woes. During the peak hours in the city, the roads are blocked, with vehicles standing neck to neck, horns blaring, people abusing others coming in their way. A normal 40-45 mins journey taking 2 hours and more. Considering this, I hope the Metro Rail brings whatever relief possible to the choking city.

I guess its a similar feeling for many Bangaloreans. I read that the same shopkeepers who opposed the project from being implemented on the CMH Road, as it would spoil their business, stood there cheering and clapping during the trial run. πŸ˜€

One of the things I was excited about when coming to Chennai, was the chance to travel in local trains. It’s a largely used, cheap and fast mode of transport here. Convenient for people travelling long distances. Reduces the road traffic to a large extent. Imagine the amount by which the traffic on the roads will increase, even if half the number of people travelling by trains, take out their cars!! :O

I hope that the Metro Rail will bring an equally good and refreshing relief to the people of Bangalore in the coming years.. πŸ™‚

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>Green or Gray??

>All I had heard before coming here is that rains in Chennai are scarce. Lasts for a week or so and occurs in October… But it has been raining here intermittently since November . Infact the cyclonic effect resulted in rains for three continuous days with places getting filled with knee deep water and we getting an off from work πŸ˜€

A pleasant surprise was the chilly weather we experienced for a few days… I know the deadly summer’s gonna be back soon, but why not enjoy the days as long as they last.

When I talk of rains I miss Bangalore so much. One amongst the many things I love about b’lore is that it rains unexpectedly. Just when the heat is getting intolerable, the rain gods shower their mercy on the city for a day or so. The trees and plants start looking beautifully green with all the dust getting washed off them. πŸ™‚

Its such a pity that the city is now getting robbed of its beauty in the name of improving the city’s infrastructure, the new roads and the Metro rail. Lovely roads which were lined with trees nearly a century old, now stand bare and dusty. All you can find now is the cement, dust and heat 😦

Not long back, I had read an article in the newspaper in which Arundhati Nag had told that the late Shankar Nag had prepared a full fletched plan along with the sketch of how the underground Metro project could be executed in Bangalore, without affecting the greenery of the city. That project never got the required support from the government and never saw the light of the day. What if it had?? Probably things would have been different…

I have an interest in plants and gardening myself, which has taken a backseat. I remember the days when we lived in the quarters of the IIMB campus. Our garden had a variety of fruit bearing trees including mango, jackfruit, lemon, pomegranate, coconut, chickoo, guava etc. Also roses of all colours and a variety of hibiscus flowers could be found. All of it now seems like a scence out of a novel :). My dad used to take regular and really good care of it. On moving to a different house all we were left with were a few potted plants… 😦

Some day.. I wish to have and maintain a small garden of my own. Maybe in an attempt to try and preserve the beauty of the city in my own little way… πŸ™‚


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>Winter to Spring

>One of the things I’ve always wished for is to stay away from home atleast for sometime, either for studies or for work. I feel its a learning experience all by itself. Had never got a chance until now. Also when its happening now, I am going through a sort of mixed emotion. I guess its natural too..

I shall be moving to Chennai (hopefully only for a few months)  in less than 10 days, for a new job. It was totally unexpected and one of the rarest occurrences where I’ve been lucky. πŸ™‚ I was born and brought up in Bangalore and I simply LOVE the city. I agree it has its flaws, but nothing till now has been able to change my love for the city. My friends tell me its probably because I haven’t seen many places. But I don’t agree. I think its because I am too attached to this place. Having been here for 20+ years, nothing but Bangalore can be home to me. The thought of having to live away from here and live in a city to which I am a stranger is a scary and saddening.. 😦

The sadness of having to stay away from parents at the time that they actually need their children around cannot be expressed in words. The only thing that I tell them and myself in consolation is that they’ll be grandparents few months down the line and that they’ll have so much fun with their granddaughter/grandson that they’ll not even remember me.. πŸ˜› Seeing my mom’s sad and dad’s tired face brings tears to me. But I can only hope that staying away for sometime may make, me love them and they love me more… πŸ˜€

Accompanied with it is a feeling of loss, to be leaving the current workplace, which is probably the best and safest to be in, both in terms of learning and the people. The kind of friendly and lovable people I’ve met here are probably hard to find in the corporate world. I hadn’t felt much when having to leave college, quite unlike others. The sadness I am feeling, for having to leave this workplace is almost the same as what I had felt when leaving school… 😦

There’s some excitement and happiness too.. πŸ™‚ Happiness, that an unexpected wish came true.. Excitement of having to go and live, work and cope with everything myself. A sense of independence and responsibility which feels great. πŸ™‚

Also is the fear of whether I’ll be accepted in the new place, whether I’ll be good at the new work, whether I’ll find true friends as good as the old ones… All these feeling leave me drained. I hope things go through smoothly and I do my best. I know its just a few hours journey to home. It’ll be a thing to look forward to. πŸ™‚

You must be wondering what’s the relation between the title of the post and the post itself. Its just that I’m feeling like it is the transition from winter to spring, where the tree sheds all its leaves and slowly in some days the new ones start to spring out. I probably need to shed or leave behind the old things and start afresh and blossom in a new place… πŸ™‚


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