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Do you ever feel like boring a hole through someone’s ear and making them try to listen to you? Yeah I feel that a lot nowadays. Had always heard that all managers are a pain, never believed in it. Always thought it all depends on how we handle it. If someone gives me my own theory for an advice now, they might end up getting punched in the face. All I would have to say is go and work in my place. Also if you are a manager and you are here reading this, then I just hope you are not one of this kind and  if you are, then I hope you get some sense after reading this.

For one, he is a totally non-technical guy who doesn’t even know some of the basics of the product that he is selling to his customers. He’s been here for more than 3 years now. Arre ab toh kuch karo!

Off late he has been getting into a row with the director of  the project. Why, you ask? That’s because he over commits everything. In the team you do an estimate and tell him that it needs three weeks to complete the analysis and design. He would go and commit for completing the implementation in three weeks, when parallely working on something else. To top it all, the requirements are never-ever clear. It has happened more than a couple of times when he has insisted and I have gone ahead and done the analysis, design and implementation and it has turned out later on that the feature has been deferred and we will not be supporting it. All my time and effort down the stinking drain. x-(

You try explaining something to him, it bounces of his head. I wonder if it even touches the ear-drum. 😐

His vocabulary is so limited. For instance, some of his regulars are – “that must be just a 2 line code change“, “no, no, no, it’s not like that”, “you can push it today na” ( he means the code change 😉 ), “that’s a very good suggestion”. For heaven’s sake! Not everything is a 2 line code change, shut up and listen, it can’t be pushed today no matter how hard you try and think something on your own too.

He thinks that people have no life apart from work. Announces a weekend work schedule on a Friday evening, calls up at 9.30 in the night asking you to connect to a meeting at 10.30 pm, which goes on till 12.30 am. Calls you on weekends to find out if the issue is tested. Ask him for leave, he asks you to work from home. Ask for work from home, juniors are not privileged for it. Taking leave on Fridays and Mondays will include the Saturday and Sunday and the client will not bill us. So, all the outstation people, forget you families.

Yeah I can go on and on. You ask why am I here, shouting out hoarse? Coz this is where I can!! Remember, he doesn’t listen? Well, like I said in the previous post, already had an argument too. One year into the project here and you already wake up in the morning, not wanting to go to work, man that’s an achievement! 😦


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Juke Box

Hey there!

I know new year’s been here for a while now and I’ve been all lazy about doing a post. That’s because there have been small, different, unrelated updates from my end and I couldn’t figure out what to write. My blog turned two years old, five days back. So, I’m feeling all guilty about being irregular **shame faced**.

What’s new in the new year for you? I have made a whole lot of resolutions and struggling to keep up with them. But it’s nice feeling to be determined to do some thing. No matter how small it is. 🙂

I had written about a birthday swap in a group that I am part of, at Ravelry. We finished two birthdays. I successfully wrapped up gifts for the b’day ladies and sent it across. I’m so happy that they liked it. I embroidered using a stitch kit and crocheted a purse. Though the embroidery took quite a while to finish, I loved it. I loved the picture the moment I saw it and picked it up clearly deciding whom I gotta send it to. 🙂 The purse on the other hand was a very cute project. I don’t feel I did enough justice to the pattern. I could have done it better.

Yay!! Next’s my turn. After seeing all the lovely gifts that was sent on these birthdays, I am so looking forward to mine. The excitement’s so high already. 🙂 First time that I would be receiving so many gifts for my birthday. After all quarter century is special ;). What say? 🙂

I haven’t even written baby updates for a while. My god! The things my nephew has learnt and can do now cannot be covered in a post. He now lovingly calls me chikki, walks all around the house and keeps us on our toes. Makes a dash for the stairs the moment people relax. 😀 His vocabulary has increased so much in just a little while. I just love the way he says banana, chikki, balalla (rightly said as baralla which means will not/doesn’t come), kolalla (again, it’s kodalla which means won’t give), bow-bow, bau (ball), atha-atha (for instance, he trips over the foot of the table and falls down. Cries and then beats the table as a punishment to it and says atha-atha) and the way he keeps the phone to his ear and says ello. 😀 Just so adorable that I can never get enough of him. 🙂

The new year on the other hand hasn’t brought anything great on the work front. It’s only more work, stress, politics and recently an argument with the manager. But, see.. I am making progress. 😉 I would have thought so much but kept out of such arguments before. By the way, that reminds me, that’s one of my resolutions this year. To do something which I wouldn’t have done last year. In the sense that I always think of things and never do it. This time, I wanna overcome the apprehension or laziness or fear or worry that could be behind the not doing and go ahead and do it. Whatever happens can always be dealt with later. Though I am writing this so easily here, believe me it’s damn tough. I am struggling, failing and retrying. Will be on this mission till the year end and see how much progress I make. 🙂

Went on a trip to Pondy with friends and had great fun roaming and shopping! Though the life has sort of come back to normal there after the storm. The scars that the Thane has left all over the place is  clearly visible in the form of huge uprooted trees in large numbers, affected buildings, fallen sign boards etc. We take so many things for granted. Calamities like these strike and brings people back to reality and shows how blessed we are in so many ways, to be safe and alive.

A series of engagement, wedding and kiddo’s b’day (of course three different friends’s!) lined up to attend, back in b’lore. This only adds more momentum to the nightmarish groom hunt. Hmmph! 😦

I know this was a totally random, long post. But it was long pending. Sometimes, randomness is just as good as clarity. 🙂



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Crazy Captions!

I had written about how lonely I was in the old team at office here. The new team is fun!! I guess it’s because there are more members of my age group. We work, we chat, we tease each other and we fight over Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. It’s been about four months and I can say the time has been good.

Now we are at the end of a release. Generally the team celebrates a release by going for a team outing or team lunch. Also a couple of times previously they had ordered similar t-shirts for the whole team. This is the plan for the current release as well. All the previous releases and the current one of our product is named after various breeds of horses. Now you may think how many releases can they name after horses? But I was shocked. Just go check this out!!

Now that I have written about everything except what I wanted to write, let me get back on track. We crazy bunch of teammates started a group chat in the afternoon about what caption should we have on the t-shirt. We laughed our heads off, with the things we came up with. Ended up with the manager and the ODC members staring at us. I thought I’ll share it with you guys and lighten your mood (will be best enjoyed by people in the software industry).

The previous t-shirt read “Stallion – Racing Ahead”. This release is called “Mustang”. This is what we came up with –


  • Tired after the race
  • We build it!! You break it!!
  • Errors Redefined
  • Wait till the next release
  • Bugs extinct*                                         *Conditions Apply
  • We build it!! You break it!! We repair it!!
  • Error In Code!!
  • We Deliver Bugs!
  • It’s not a car! It’s not a horse! It’s an EMS!
  • License Expired!
  • E Mustang S

After all the awesome ideas, we had to put an end to the craziness and think seriously and we couldn’t come up with even a single idea. Arrgh!! Why do we have managers?? 😦 It would be so much to fun to have some funny caption. But I guess we’ll have to end up with some sober stuff. :-/


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…is defined by Wikipedia as a very strong feeling for a person or thing… Well… I am talking about the thing not the person.. 😛

What’s your passion in life? What’s that one thing which interests you? What is it that you wanna do or be in life? I really admire people who actually identify this and achieve it. The people who are happy in the work they do. It’s not stressful but enjoyable to them. Majority of us get caught in the rat race from the start. From having to score the highest in class during schooling to bagging a job which offers a high pay. How many of us spend time on evaluating our strengths and deciding the right career path? How many parents today identify the child’s skill and encourage it.

Finally when we do end up in a well paid but regular job, we get caught in the routine and the frustration gets to us. I am probably in that phase. I do like programming and logical challenges. But now I am constantly bothered by the question, is this what I would want to do all my life? To top it, I’m just a couple of years into my career. Is this just a passing phase? Does everyone go through it? Even if it is, what bothers me is that I’ll just settle for it and keep compromising all my life just like how it is with another umpteen things in life.

How do I identify what’ll make me happy? Professions like Architecture, Writing, Editing, Journalism etc always interested me. Sadly I never had the courage to think on it and pursue any of it. Its not just me, I hear it from a lot of my friends too. One of them has a passion for dancing, she even wants to quit and start teaching dance. She’s just worried if what she’s thinking is right and is unable to decide on it. Most of the people whom I talk to are unhappy in their jobs. There are all kinds… One having a bad boss, one wanting to do further studies but bothered about the fee, one wanting to get married and one who wants to get a job, post marriage.

I guess I cannot change my profession now. Instead what I am trying to do is spending time on other things which will give me a break from the routine. Cooking, reading, crocheting, are some of them. Few other things which have been on my wish list for long are, to learn to drive a car, gardening, to join singing classes again.

Kudos to people who are happy and enjoy what they do. For the ones who are yet to start, I would like to say take up something you are passionate about. For the rest, the ones like me – it’s never too late they say. What say? We do something about it??

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>Am I horrible looking? Do I have bad breath? Do I stink? Do I look like a monster or do I give monsterous looks? Are my conversations irritating/boring? What is it?

Well… I don’t think I’m horrible looking, pretty decent. NO!! I don’t have bad breath. NOOO!! I don’t stink. Infact stinking people and people with bad breath put me off… :-/

Hmmm… I do give monsterous and unapproving looks when I see misbehaving and disgusting people, who think they can stare, whistle and pass comments about any girl on the road, to people who spit on the road, to people who shove others in buses, in queues etc… Yeah, I do have a serious kind of a face, which breaks out into a smile or better into laughter for only familiar, close people, for kids, puppies and on occasions when I remember something funny or read/watch something funny. Quite restrictive I guess. I remember my professor always asking me, why do I carry a serious face and telling me that I should smile more often. Maybe this is the reason…

Ok… Let me come to the point. It has been complete six months since I joined my team at work and I still don’t have a single friend in the team. 😦 When I joined the team it consisted of nearly 40 members, which has come down to about 25 now ( now you must be thinking that I’m a loner 😛 ). Well, I have hardly spoken to anyone except the colleague who sits next to me or my manager and all talks being majorly work related.

I take time to make friends and I sort of stick to the ones I’ve made. My closest friends are the chosen few from school and college. When I say few I mean really few. Here at work, we were a small group of friends who got acquainted during training, stuck to each other all the time, during study, assignment, breaks, weekend outings etc. It naturally continued that way once we got into projects, though different ones. Hence my interaction with the new project members was minimal. I wasn’t intentional though..

Now, almost all my friends having moved to different cities, only a couple of us left. 😦 I get terribly bored and feel really lonely when the others are on leave or busy. The almost ever weekend roaming has stopped coz there’s no group to enjoy it with. Less interaction with the team adds to the woes.

I’m to be moved to a new project, hope things get better there and hope I interact with more people and take less time to do so. 🙂 Wish me luck…


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