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Then and Now

Seeing this made me sad. Really really sad. 😦 😦

Remember when Joey says – Why God? Why are you doing this to us?? 😦


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Lazy.. Pure lazy.. That’s what I’ve been. Procrastinating everything.. The very little work at office has made me more sluggish. 😐 So much so that I’ve been postponing everything, studying for job interviews, the knitting/crocheting for the Ravelry group, the reading.. everything. What I’ve been doing is watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, like there’s no tomorrow.. πŸ˜€

P.S: I’ve been telling myself I’ll be back on track, once I finish all the seasons (Again!). Luckily I’m already on the 10th. πŸ™‚


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Apart from the scanty rainfall and ever increasing pollution, here’s another example of humans messing with nature. 😦

These two lil birdies…

…kept pecking at the window all day. The poor little ones couldn’t obviously figure out that the reflective glasses showed their own reflection.

Must have been so frustrating for them to not understand what’s happening.

One of them, even had a twisted beak. I hope it’s not a result of such pecking. 😦

P.S: The pictures aren’t very clear, due to the glass and it being taken from a mobile.


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Rail Gaadi

I had written this post few days back when I was traveling in the train. Forgot to post it though!

As I sit in the local train on the way to the central station, I realize that it has been two years here, with the constant to and fro between the two cities. Catching the 8.30 or 9 pm local train after office and reaching the Central station, to catch the late night train home. But what I also realize is that I’ve never written a post on my train travel experiences.

The fact of having local trains to commute and having beaches to visit are the few things that I looked forward to when I first came to this city. I envied cities like Chennai and Mumbai for having local trains. 😐 It makes life so easier than the crowded buses. My happiness knew no bounds when the Metro was launched in Bangalore. I am eagerly waiting for the other lines of Metro to be completed. Doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. 😦

Come to think of it, in these two years I never took the local train to office on a daily basis, thanks to the office being close and the station being far. But in whatever minimal travel I have done, I have had some good experiences. The first day here at Chennai was the day I returned by the last train home. πŸ˜‰ It was around 11.15 or so. After dropping my parents at station where they took a train back home, I went on to meet my roommates who were shopping. Being typical girls they shopped till late night, by the time we finished dinner it was time for the last train! I was a little scared, for it was just the first day. But, that was the only time we ever took it. πŸ™‚

Traveling for nearly 2 hrs every single time to the city, just to a watch movie in the weekend! Phew! Traveling in an almost empty train at 4.30 on a Monday morning, when I’ve come from Bangalore, just wanting to rush home and catch some sleep before I head to office. Traveling in a jam packed train where you are scared that you’ll miss getting down at your station, due to the crowd at the door. Experienced all varieties.

What’s more varied are the kind of people you see or meet. The bunch of young software engineers who have come from different parts of the country to work here, all headed home on a Friday evening. The group of college/school going girls giggling and chattering away. The newly married couple, with lady wearing shining new jewelry. Mothers trying to control theirΒ mischievous children. The vendors who get into the compartments to sell their fruits, vegetables and greens.Β Β All in a hurry to get their work done and go home, tired from the heat and humidity.

The familiar dimming of lights before the two main stations reminds me of a funny comment that a friend made. The comment was, “the dimming of lights rightly indicate the station ahead to the people only when travelling in one direction. In the other direction it’s like telling the people, haha! You missed it..” πŸ˜‰

The struggle to get tickets in tatkal and the huge crowds in the trains and stations always leaves me wondering and asking “where are all these people going?” All in all, it has been fun and it’s one of things I am definitely gonna miss when I move back to Bangalore.


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Him & Her

I try not to be too feminist in my opinions. I always try and think from the men’s point of view too. When I have friends arguing, with girls telling about how totally selfish men are and guys pointing at how money minded women are, I always try and speak objectively giving both of them examples of how the other one could be wrong too. But when things keep continuously going wrong in the life of close friends, one loses faith and one feels like flushing all the positive opinions down the drain.

Marriage is probably one of the institutions whose sanctity has been maintained over the years. Though there’s a lot of change in the trend, people still have faith in it in our country. The least a girl expects from a partner is to for him to understand and support her. An emotional support. Though the general opinion is the girls choose money over other things, I strongly believe and know that what girls look for is care. Girls are brought up in a more gentle manner and generally showered with a lot of love from their father, which is why they have similar expectations from their guy.

The guys on the other hand I feel are a lot less emotional (sometimes too hurtingly practical). Crying seems dramatic to them. They subdue their emotions. Some smoke, some drink and some get angered. Their ways to vent out the emotions I guess! Isn’t crying a lot less dangerous?? πŸ™‚

I am bogged by all these thoughts because two close friends of mine, both girls, are facing different kinds of issues, even before their marriage. Well, one’s arranged and one’s a love cum arranged marriage (just as a clarification before you think on the love-arranged marriage theory, if you believe in it). The arranged marriage couple got ample time before the wedding to get to know each other. I think that was a great opportunity for them. But the guy acts all weird. He gets all worked up on her expectations, even the tiniest of them. But he wants her to behave in a certain manner that he expects. He’s loud mouthed and doesn’t bother about being in a public place too, when raising his voice. Due to all the contradictions that they have, they kept fighting and the matter came to the parents. Now it stands at a point where the parents say it’s too late and that the cards are printed and the couple trying to put up with each other.

The love marriage couple on the other hand know each other from 5 years. Yet, the guy blames the girl for the wedding getting arranged so early and not at the year end. The financial aspect of his concern is valid, but blaming the girl isn’t. The girl’s 26 and was facing a lot of parental pressure alongwith the family problems. She withstood all that for two years so that the guy gets enough time. Isn’t it his responsibility to take things in his stride and try not to make things more difficult for the girl, if he can’t make it any easier. After all this, he doesn’t want the girl to shift to the city where he is after marriage. He wants her to continue to stay in her current city till the end of this year. This he says gives him more time to earn enough money to take up/set up a rented house. Personally, I believe home is where the heart is, if they have each other I feel they could manage for a while with the basic necessities and gradually set up the house in a better manner.

Both these cases the girls are now unhappy, when all they expected was care, a few loving words and the partner’s companionship. If such are the ways of the world, the already scared me is getting more apprehensive about the guy I would meet. I sincerely wish, that women become more stronger and the men more emotional. Too much to wish for, is it?? πŸ™‚

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I remember the school days when I loved being the teacher’s favorite. Getting praised by them would make me so happy and would make me strive harder. Though I was never the kind who could sit in one place and study continuously even during exams, I managed to study and top the class many a times. The competition amongst classmates made me crazy. I have a habit of saying a small prayer with a few shlokas before going to bed every night. The prayer has modified over the years. I remember that when going school I used to pray every night, saying that I have to score more than Mohan, Asiya, Mamatha, Asif etc. so on… I used to take everyone’s name who I thought was a competition to me! That motivated me like crazy.

Would there be extra curricular competition, I would be keen on participating and winning. I wanted to do it all. Be the best. Had that driving spirit in me. Since me and my sister studied in the same school, the teachers who taught her, taught me too. They would recognize me saying “You are A’s sister right?“. She was a consistent topper throughout the school and college career. That set expectations from me and that motivated me to strive hard. To try and be as good as her.

As I grew and my scores declined in college. Though I wanted to do well the bar of the achievable target was lowered. There were disappointing times which pulled me down lower. This in no way helped me and gone were the days when I rocked. I got used to being mediocre.

Right now I’m here. Been working for two to three odd years but don’t feel too great about myself. I am doing nothing to upgrade my skills or be the best. All around I see people learning new stuff, getting better jobs, reaching better positions and making more money. Many of the guys I knew in school/college who used to never study or qualify in the exams are doing great in big companies today. In much better positions than me today. I feel that’s one of the best qualities amongst most guys, they study not to pass exams. They study and understand to gain knowledge. Most girls on the other hand are book-worms and study to get marks.

I have great guy friends at office, very knowledgeable. I totally admire them for their intellect and IQ. I like hanging out with them more than most girls at office because they discuss a lot of knowledgeable stuff compared to the gals who are busy gossiping. But one thing that’s eating me up is that nothing is motivating me. I am not striving to do anything different or learn things I ought to. I know I have to but I am just not able to. I start, I give up. Nothing drives me.

Heard from a friend that most of us in this age group would be going through this sort of a situation. It’s called the quarter-life crisis. The symptoms are you start feeling “you are not good enough, you aren’t doing anything great, you just don’t know where you’re headed to, everyone’s doing better than me”. Questions that bother you would me “What am I doing? Where am I going? What’s my future gonna be like? Am I in the right job?”. What we both couldn’t figure out is how do we get out of it!!??

Tell me if you’ve been through such times and what did you do that made a difference? One question that I am going around asking is “What motivates you?“. Same question thrown at you.

P.S: I just noticed that I wrote an entire post without smileys! I must be growing up! πŸ™‚

P.P.S: Just ruined it! πŸ˜›


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Juke Box

Hey there!

I know new year’s been here for a while now and I’ve been all lazy about doing a post. That’s because there have been small, different, unrelated updates from my end and I couldn’t figure out what to write. My blog turned two years old, five days back. So, I’m feeling all guilty about being irregular **shame faced**.

What’s new in the new year for you? I have made a whole lot of resolutions and struggling to keep up with them. But it’s nice feeling to be determined to do some thing. No matter how small it is. πŸ™‚

I had written about a birthday swap in a group that I am part of, at Ravelry. We finished two birthdays. I successfully wrapped up gifts for the b’day ladies and sent it across. I’m so happy that they liked it. I embroidered using a stitch kit and crocheted a purse. Though the embroidery took quite a while to finish, I loved it. I loved the picture the moment I saw it and picked it up clearly deciding whom I gotta send it to. πŸ™‚ The purse on the other hand was a very cute project. I don’t feel I did enough justice to the pattern. I could have done it better.

Yay!! Next’s my turn. After seeing all the lovely gifts that was sent on these birthdays, I am so looking forward to mine. The excitement’s so high already. πŸ™‚ First time that I would be receiving so many gifts for my birthday. After all quarter century is special ;). What say? πŸ™‚

I haven’t even written baby updates for a while. My god! The things my nephew has learnt and can do now cannot be covered in a post. He now lovingly calls me chikki, walks all around the house and keeps us on our toes. Makes a dash for the stairs the moment people relax. πŸ˜€ His vocabulary has increased so much in just a little while. I just love the way he says banana, chikki, balalla (rightly said as baralla which means will not/doesn’t come), kolalla (again, it’s kodalla which means won’t give), bow-bow, bau (ball), atha-atha (for instance, he trips over the foot of the table and falls down. Cries and then beats the table as a punishment to it and says atha-atha) and the way he keeps the phone to his ear and says ello. πŸ˜€ Just so adorable that I can never get enough of him. πŸ™‚

The new year on the other hand hasn’t brought anything great on the work front. It’s only more work, stress, politics and recently an argument with the manager. But, see.. I am making progress. πŸ˜‰ I would have thought so much but kept out of such arguments before. By the way, that reminds me, that’s one of my resolutions this year. To do something which I wouldn’t have done last year. In the sense that I always think of things and never do it. This time, I wanna overcome the apprehension or laziness or fear or worry that could be behind the not doing and go ahead and do it. Whatever happens can always be dealt with later. Though I am writing this so easily here, believe me it’s damn tough. I am struggling, failing and retrying. Will be on this mission till the year end and see how much progress I make. πŸ™‚

Went on a trip to Pondy with friends and had great fun roaming and shopping! Though the life has sort of come back to normal there after the storm. The scars that the Thane has left all over the place isΒ  clearly visible in the form of huge uprooted trees in large numbers, affected buildings, fallen sign boards etc. We take so many things for granted. Calamities like these strike and brings people back to reality and shows how blessed we are in so many ways, to be safe and alive.

A series of engagement, wedding and kiddo’s b’day (of course three different friends’s!) lined up to attend, back in b’lore. This only adds more momentum to the nightmarish groom hunt. Hmmph! 😦

I know this was a totally random, long post. But it was long pending. Sometimes, randomness is just as good as clarity. πŸ™‚



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Who decides what’s the limit? Is there a limit to anything at all? After tolerating how much, are you supposed to react? If you do, a hundred other fingers and voices pop up, to point at you for what you did and advise you on what to do and what not.

People who set limits for us, do they realize how many things there are, in which they have crossed their limits? Just because people put up with your ways, it doesn’t mean that you are right and whatever you do is right.

I am exhausted, all I can do is rant. Tired of putting up with people who never seem to put themselves in another person’s shoe, even for a moment. I am tired of these self obsessed people who think they are right all the time. They are just probably hiding their incompetency by masking themselves with this commanding, demanding and unreasonable nature. Go! Take a break!!

Amidst all these are a few people who keep you sane. I literally cling on to them and eat up their head all the time. Ah! Thank God for small mercies.. πŸ™‚


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These dot separated letters remind us of just one thing, a popular sitcom on television. I guess most of us who have watched it have loved it. Each of its character is so varied and so special. Observe their characters closely and you can relate to them. You will see that you have friends who have some or all of the characteristics as those of the on-screen characters. What made me write this post, is a recent conversation I was having with a friend, who says, I behave like one of the characters of the sitcom. I won’t tell you which one. πŸ˜‰

The characters, in the order of whom I like the most to whom I like a little less (there are none that I dislike :)) –

Joey – The handsomest and the most fun character of the group. One who loves food and doesn’t like sharing it. πŸ˜€ Falls in love with every other girl and doesn’t care. Yet, he loves the duck, chick and his friends and cries when they leave. πŸ™‚

Phoebe – The amazing one. Talks straight from the heart, never lies and goes out of her way to do things that make others happy. Her car driving and music skills need a special mention. πŸ˜€

Chandler – The wittiest. The one who can joke in the gravest situations. Sarcastic humor is his forte. Dislikes his job, but continues to do it for the sake of money.

Monica – The loud one. Boisterous and the one to have it her own way. The chef cum host of the group, who is obsessive about cleaning. Touchy about having been fat in her childhood. πŸ™‚

Ross – The geek. He can’t stop when he starts talking about his research and work. The responsible one, who thinks before he does something. Loves his kid.

Rachel – The beautiful one, whom everybody falls for. She’s the rich, spoilt girl who learns it the hard way to live simple. When learnt, can’t live without her friends.

Look around and you’ll find friends around you who are like the above mentioned. Some rich, some poor. Some beautiful, some average. Some who can crack up jokes anytime, anywhere and some who are serious and responsible. Some innocent, some straightforward. Some control freaks and some who just follow others. Variety is the spice of life.

Friends are extended family, with whom you laugh hard till you cry and at times cry till you feel sore. They are there to help in times of need and to laugh at you when you do something dumb. The whole point is that they are there. πŸ™‚


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Feeling blue!

Don’t most of us always try to present a happy picture of ourselves everywhere? We upload pics where we look best. We write posts about the fun holiday we had, the great day we had and how hunky-dory everything is. But everyone has problems and seldom do we share them, least of all to strangers. Probably that’s why blogging about stuff that make you sad or portrays a different side of you is difficult.

All or most of us have the usual problems, the fights at home, the cranky kids, the horrible boss, the work pressure, the nagging wife, the dominant husband etc. We seldom share the sorrowful stories. I guess in a way it’s better, as they say ” Write your hurts on sand and carve your benefits on stone “, for obvious reasons.

The more people you interact with, you will find that the others too have been through bad times and have been equally hurt and sorrowful at different times. You find that their problems if not same could be similar and sometimes bigger. But there are people who manage and present themselves magnificently even in tough times. Really admirable. It takes a lot of strength to do so.

Days are dull and energy is low. One of the times when everything seems bleak and tiny things bother. When you keep questioning and interrogating yourself for everything you do, beating yourself up by your thoughts. Looking forward to a refreshing break which will probably charge me to be up and ready for any forthcoming challenges.


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