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The last few…

The last bits of everything always seem the best –

  • The last spoon of melting ice-cream.
  • The last chatkara of achaar.
  • The last spray from a perfume bottle.
  • The last pages of a book.
  • The last lines of a letter saying, “with love”.
  • The climax of a movie?
  • The lasting words in a speech.
  • The last few balls in an over.
  • The last days of college.
  • The last episodes of your favorite sitcom/show.
  • The last days of bachelor/spinster-hood.
  • The last few kilometers on a tour/journey.

The last few days in Chennai…. 🙂



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Gowri Pooja and Ganesh Chaturthi has always been celebrated with fervor and rituals in our family. Lot of planning, roaming, shopping, cooking and inviting-visiting happens during this festival. Most people often celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi but not the Gowri Pooja. At our place Gowri is worshiped first and then Lord Ganesha is worshiped. Some people also say that Ganesha should not be brought/worshiped until his mom Gowri is worshiped on this occasion.

The festivities begin with shopping. From bringing home the idols to buying new clothes, all of it is so much fun. 🙂 As long as I can remember we have shopped for the idols from the crowded market place of Malleshwaram. The markets are jam packed on the days before the festival, so going earlier helps. The whole place is filled with the fragrance of flowers. 🙂 Along with the idol comes home the different varieties of flowers, fruits and leaves of different types used for the pooja. The prices of these reach an unbelievable high just before the festival.

The day of the festival begins with the courtyard being washed with water and adorned with huge rangolis. 🙂 The main door of the house is decorated with fresh mango leaves. This is called the toraNa.

toraNa at the entrance


Goddess Gowri

Lord Ganesha

During the olden days the poojaris or the priests were called home to perform the pooja with all the rituals. But now, we have moved on to modern times, with all the mantra and sholkas being recorded on to a casette/cd and the pooja is performed by playing the same. 🙂

Obattu the popular dish in Karnataka, also known as Puran Poli in Maharasthra is the main dish which is kept as offering to goddess Gowri on the day of the pooja. Ganesha on the other hand is offered kadabu/modaka, chakkuli. These tasty dishes once offered to God are devoured the people in the house on the completion of the pooja. 😀

As children it was so much more fun when we used to celebrate the festival as a huge family. A single idol was brought home and all the uncles, aunts, cousins used to get together and perform the pooja. 🙂 As years passed by everyone shifted to independent houses of their own making the celebration separate, smaller and lesser fun. 😦 The positive side is that now we spend the day visiting each others house and having a darshana (glimpse) of their idol. 🙂

I have heard from my parents and grandparents that during older times, when people lived nearer to their own communities, almost people in every house used to celebrate the festival. During those days children used to go out in the evenings and visit the house of random people asking “Uncle Ganesha iTTiddira?” which means “Uncle have you kept a Ganesha idol?” and view the idol of Ganesha. It was said to be auspicious to view 108, or at the least 21 Ganesha idols on the day of the festival. 🙂 Though we miss out on such things nowadays, we are more secular and live with different communities and get to see celebrations of Eid/Ganesh Chaturthi at the same time. 🙂

Also another herculean task on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi is to stop yourself from looking at moon. 😦 Oh! The number of times I have failed at this. 😦 The story goes that, once Lord Ganesha had eaten a lot and his stomach burst due to this. He picked up a serpent and tied it to his stomach (this is the reason that there is always a serpent painted on the stomach of every Ganesha idol). The moon who was watching this, laughed loudly, enraging the lord. The moon was then cursed to be never seen again. On asking for forgiveness from the lord, the effect of the curse was reduced. The full moon was now to be seen only once a month and his power would decrease and he would disappear every fifteen days. He would regain his power gradually in the next fifteen days until the full moon day.

Viewing the moon on the day of the festival is said to be inauspicious. Anybody who happens to do so has to listen to the Shamanthaka Mani story which is also a part of the Ganesh pooja, in order to be prevented from being cursed. The moon on that day however appears so clear and keeps peeping out even if it’s cloudy. 🙂

Done with the pooja, Lord Ganesha and Gowri reside in the house for odd number of days like 5 or 7, but mostly 11. On the completion of these days the idols are immersed in water with prayers to bring prosperity and return next year. The idols taken for immersion are sometimes taken with a huge scale procession. 🙂 It is wonderful to watch and the organizers bring the procession through every street with music, crackers and drums. 🙂

Added are pictures of the small celebration at my house. 🙂 Hope you too had a great time during the festival. 🙂

After the pooja

Threads ties as a part of the pooja

Entrance of the house

Tulsi Pooja


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You were asleep the last time I came baby…  And asleep till I was about to leave. You woke up with time just enough for you to wave me goodbye and me to smother you with kisses. No matter how much love I shower you with, it’s just not enough. You are the tiny soul who fills our life with happiness with just a smile of yours. All of us forget the worries, the tensions and the misunderstandings when we hold your in our arms.

Times when your cheek’s red with a mosquito bite or you get tiny bruises unknowingly or have running nose are the times of most distress for us all. Time’s running so fast and you are growing up so soon :(. You can already stand, speak words, wave, point out, recognize everyone, recognize toys and sounds and your food. You already have four teeth. 😀

You are already ONE year old. 🙂

Happy Birthday my darling nephew!! God bless you with good health and happiness all your life… Love you.. 🙂


There’s a song in Kannada which goes –

guDiyaliruva shilegaLLella devarante, guNaviruva manujarella makkaLante.

makkaLigu devarigu bhedavilla, ibbara manadalu kapaTavilla.

This is roughly translated to –

All the sculptures in a temple are said to be God, All the human beings with good nature are said to be children.

There is no difference between children and God, they both have no impurity in their hearts.


Though the translation takes away the beauty in the kannada lyrics, it’s so true isn’t it? 🙂


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The advantage of having a birthday on days like Jan 1st, Feb 14th, April 1st, Aug 15th etc is that a lot of unexpected people also remember it… 

The birthday was filled with fun, happy, sad and lonely moments. I so wanted to write this post on the same day, but as usual ended up finishing everything and sleeping late night with no energy left to write anything. Well… Better late than never. 🙂

A lot of people called up but a few dear ones missed out (probably forgot). Had fun at office with the team members of the new team getting a cake for me. Came back home to find that the room-mates had also got a cake. 🙂 The best part was that both were chocolate cakes. But some how the party at home turned out dull, with the usual noisemakers missing. Missed home and family a lot. It’s the first time in all these 24 years that I had to celebrate my birthday away from the family. 😦

I received lots of gifts.. 😀 I got the best gift the next day though. Sometime late in the afternoon I saw a mail in the official inbox which had the details of the previous Quarter’s award winners. Attached with it was an excel sheet having the names of the winners. I was about to delete the mail without reading it, as usual, and a thought crossed my mind “when will I win any such award?“. I joined a new team just a week back and had worked in the old team for a little more than five months, with most of the initial time spent in learning about the product. So my chances of having done any significant work and that being recognized by the manager was bleak.

I opened the excel sheet with no expectation whatsoever and the first name that I laid my eyes on was mine. I couldn’t believe it!! I read the employee id, the project name and the remarks, everything matched my details. Reading the remarks by my previous manager made my day… 🙂 The award though small is a huge achievement for me considering the fact that I was least expecting it. The expectations now created have to be kept up.

All in all things turned out great.. 🙂


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>My blog turned a year old today. But I wish I had written more posts during the year. Missed out on writing many posts when I had to move to a new city. I was busy with trainings at the work place on one hand and getting used to at home on the other hand. However what I’m happy about is that I didn’t stop blogging and got back on track.

It was easier to stop than continue as with many other things in life. There are times
– when you have nothing to write about.
– when you have lots of ideas but nothing materializes into writing.
– when you start writing but it all stays in your drafts.
– when write and post and then get a feeling its junk.
– when you get a feeling as to what are you doing here? where there are people who write so beautifully.
– when you feel it’s pointless, nobody’s even reading you.

But despite all this there’s are times when you feel you just wanna share what’s on your mind. That’s what makes me continue. I find it absolutely wonderful that people have been blogging for years and the finesse in their writing hasn’t worn out but has only got better. The varied topics that people write about, the kind of responses it draws is all so awesome.

During this week for the first time I happened to visit the blog of IHM and realized how a blog can help people cope with their difficulties, how it can bring strength and how it can be source of tremendous support. I feel sad that I was too late in visiting and reading her daughter’s blog. I could have known her maybe for sometime, could have found a place for myself in her life through the comment space.

Blogging means different things to different people. If you are here reading my posts, do feel free to comment, appreciate or criticize my writing. It would make a lot of difference. If you are a blogger yourself, do let me know what is it that makes you want to blog??

Happy Blogging everyone!!


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>Its so true, that the things which bring you great happiness come free of cost.. 🙂 Like… someone’s  nice words about you, knowing that people are gonna miss you when you are not around, knowing that your presence makes a difference to a few. I have felt all this in the past week and it feels awesome… 🙂

One of the most unexpected and overwhelming incident in the past week was my Prof. calling for a meeting on the day I quit and it intending to be an informal send-off for me. 🙂 I shall never forget the words he spoke for me and about me. Though he comes across as the strict professor at times, he has a heart of gold, which he has proved at many instances. His words, which wished me luck, told me that my contribution in the work had mattered and let me know that I shall be missed, will always remain in my memory. 🙂 It made me feel so special.. 🙂 He even said that they’ll miss me as much as my parents would when they would get me married and send me off.. 😀

I am grateful to be having friends to whom I matter. Seeing a couple of friends crying that I shall be going away made me sad and happy. Sad that I shall not be able to meet them often and happy to have such friends. (Hey guys… you never know…, what if I’m back in a couple of months to eat your head again… So don’t cry… 🙂)

It felt great to have my sister come over and stay at home over the weekend. It had been months or probably an year since she last stayed over. If not for her I would have done none of the packing. She has so neatly packed so many things that I’m now scared that I’ll need 2 more bags when I’m coming back coz I can’t pack as neatly as her.. 🙂 Wish she had stayed for a few more days. I just hope that I’m here when its time for my niece/nephew to come. I want to see her/him on the first day itself.. Just can’t wait for it… 🙂

One of the things that’s making me sad is the thought that I can’t probably blog when I’m away. That’s coz I don’t have a laptop nor do I think I shall get a chance to access the internet at the workplace. I’m not sure yet, but that’s how it is generally… 😦 Never mind.. I’m gonna post all the stuff on my mind when I come to Bangalore during the weekends.. 🙂 Something’s better than nothing… 🙂 What say??

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