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Jaago re!

It’s madness, utter madness!

We compare ourselves to the big nations, talk about getting there, talk about how much progress we are making in technologies and urbanization. Yet, there is a lacking in the basic civic sense in human beings. We are all aware as to how some people live totally oblivious to the fact that their surroundings aren’t clean or that they are spitting on the same roads that they would be walking on. No matter how much the Government does wrt such issues, unless the people themselves feel the need, I don’t think anything will change.

The Government of Karnataka and TamilNadu (I speak for these states only, as I have lived there) have hired professional painters and got the walls along so many streets painted with beautiful paintings depicting the state’s customs, art and other cultural facets. All this done because there are people who go around sticking bills/posters on every free wall, there are people who care a damn and pee on every other wall. This was done to prevent them.

Two incidents today left me enraged! Both related to the crowd in the major bus stands. There’s a huge rush during the peak hours at bus stands, esp for the buses going towards IT Parks, situated in different parts of the city. I try and start early to beat the heat and avoid the crowd. Today, I was late by 15 min. The crowd on my platform was high. I missed about four buses waiting for the crowd to reduce. But people just kept coming and coming. Finally, when I decided to get on a bus, there was a mad rush at the door with people shoving and pushing each other. I was feeling helpless just wanting to get out of it. Then, someone pinched my backside. Bloody hell! Being a woman, I’ve seen many such situations. It’s not the first time when some stranger misbehaved with me. Generally it’s some for of eve-teasing, trying to come close in a crowded bus, trying touch when in a crowd. But this was outrageous!

I turned around and instantly recognized the jerk from his expression and body language. I punched him once on his arm and before I could blast him or give him a few more punches, he started making his way out of the crowd and ran. I followed him, but he escaped. If I had caught hold of him, I would have gotten him beaten black and blue.

The thing of utmost disgust was that he was a professional, probably on his way to office, with a neat laptop backpack on him. It’s a shame on such people and their behavior. Not for a second do they stop and think about the girl. Wouldn’t the same sort of things be happening to their sisters/mother. If their family is of concern to them, aren’t other girls also a part of some family. I am totally disgusted and tired of people behaving in such a manner with women. Instead of handling such situations, political leaders comment about the dressing sense of women. Harayana women and child development department recently declared that jeans and t-shirt is an indecent form of clothing for their women employees. What such people need to realize is that, a salwar-kameez or jeans-tshirt is not a criteria for such misbehaving people, they will continue to do the same.

The evening crowd was equally maddening, with the people not even letting the others on the bus alight. They were pushing their way amidst that. I was pushed to the edge of the bus door and nearly crushed. I was left with a red mark and pain for quite a while on my arm. I would say, the queue system has never been followed or respected in our country. People don’t realize that being organized will get the things done faster and better. The Govt. has provided numerous buses for the busy routes. The buses are of great quality and scheduled at regular frequency. Yet, the rush for the seats and the unruly behavior doesn’t stop. If you are a person, who thinks about the system and rules and how to behave, all that happens to you, is that you get crushed. Nobody would even bother about it. Saddening, but true..

Really, will India ever be developed, in the true sense? 😦


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Do you ever feel like boring a hole through someone’s ear and making them try to listen to you? Yeah I feel that a lot nowadays. Had always heard that all managers are a pain, never believed in it. Always thought it all depends on how we handle it. If someone gives me my own theory for an advice now, they might end up getting punched in the face. All I would have to say is go and work in my place. Also if you are a manager and you are here reading this, then I just hope you are not one of this kind andΒ  if you are, then I hope you get some sense after reading this.

For one, he is a totally non-technical guy who doesn’t even know some of the basics of the product that he is selling to his customers. He’s been here for more than 3 years now. Arre ab toh kuch karo!

Off late he has been getting into a row with the director ofΒ  the project. Why, you ask? That’s because he over commits everything. In the team you do an estimate and tell him that it needs three weeks to complete the analysis and design. He would go and commit for completing the implementation in three weeks, when parallely working on something else. To top it all, the requirements are never-ever clear. It has happened more than a couple of times when he has insisted and I have gone ahead and done the analysis, design and implementation and it has turned out later on that the feature has been deferred and we will not be supporting it. All my time and effort down the stinking drain. x-(

You try explaining something to him, it bounces of his head. I wonder if it even touches the ear-drum. 😐

His vocabulary is so limited. For instance, some of his regulars are – “that must be just a 2 line code change“, “no, no, no, it’s not like that”, “you can push it today na” ( he means the code change πŸ˜‰ ), “that’s a very good suggestion”. For heaven’s sake! Not everything is a 2 line code change, shut up and listen, it can’t be pushed today no matter how hard you try and think something on your own too.

He thinks that people have no life apart from work. Announces a weekend work schedule on a Friday evening, calls up at 9.30 in the night asking you to connect to a meeting at 10.30 pm, which goes on till 12.30 am. Calls you on weekends to find out if the issue is tested. Ask him for leave, he asks you to work from home. Ask for work from home, juniors are not privileged for it. Taking leave on Fridays and Mondays will include the Saturday and Sunday and the client will not bill us. So, all the outstation people, forget you families.

Yeah I can go on and on. You ask why am I here, shouting out hoarse? Coz this is where I can!! Remember, he doesn’t listen? Well, like I said in the previous post, already had an argument too. One year into the project here and you already wake up in the morning, not wanting to go to work, man that’s an achievement! 😦


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Let there be light

As I sit here writing this post, close to midnight, I am waiting to hear the lovely bell from the church nearby, strike twelve times. It makes me happy to hear the sound. It reminds me of one of Enid Blyton’s novels, which used to be my favorite during childhood. It’s raining outside. I should be elated, for rain here brings happiness and a refreshing change to the usual hot and humid weather. But I sit here, dreading something else.

As if to add to my already low mood, the time at home has been difficult with prolonged power-cuts. Its extends for hours together. There’s a power-cut within minutes of it beginning to rain. I am not a person against power-cuts. I used to love it in Bangalore. People who have read my post, will know. πŸ™‚ Here, I fear it. 😦

For one, when there is no power it gets terribly hot inside the house. We did not opt for an AC, so the fan is our only savior in Chennai. When, its raining, it is a little better but not very drastically different. Secondly, the rains have caused a wide variety of insects to invade the house. The tiny green ones, whose bite is severe than the mosquitoes, the usual dragon flies, tiny black ones, ones looking like the lady-bug, red with black spots on it, grasshoppers, ants and what not. We stay on second floor, I can’t even imagine how people stay in the ground floor of this building. 😐

After the incident of me getting an insect bite, which left me with scars and a swollen face, I freak out when I see any sort of an insect in the room, close to my bed. Yesterday’s night was horrible. There was a two hour long power-cut in the middle of the night, when it was raining cats and dogs outside. The insects flying around biting us. All I did was roam around in the room, unable to sit in a place. 😦

Strange how our likes and dislikes change due to various reasons. πŸ™‚ I only hope and pray that I am able to sleep peacefully tonight.. πŸ™‚


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Of Crimes and Justice

Friday, last week, an employee of my office was murdered. The lady had left office by the regular shuttle and then the local train. Her husband has supposedly called the HR official past midnight, that his wife is missing and hasn’t arrived home from office yet.

The police investigation reported that the body of the lady was found at a place about 60-70 km from the place where our SEZ is present. The lady is said to be identified by the tag of the ID card in her neck.The lady’s neck was almost severed, with just one inch of it hanging to the body. Her arms, legs and face are reported to have been broken and mashed. The possibility of rape hasn’t been ruled out either.

More than one person is suspected to be involved in it. There is also news going about that it could be done by some people known to her as she wouldn’t have accompanied any stranger to such far distances without protest and discussions that nobody would be so brutal if it was for any monetary gain. How does anyone decide how much is brutal, isn’t murder by itself brutal and heinous?

The lady on the other hand was apparently the youngest woman to be a Team Lead in our company. She had two very small kids. Was busy and happy preparing for the house-warming ceremony of a new home. As a person, she is supposed to have been a very disciplined and completely straight forward lady, who did not care about speaking out. This is deduced to be one of the possible reasons for her to have got into trouble.

Since the incident there have been meetings about security, work timings for women etc, which brought into light a number of measures which weren’t being followed and a number of managers who cared a damn about the women working under them. It’s so horrible in certain teams that the girls of the team are working almost on all days throughout the year, staying almost everyday until 10 or 10:30 pm, being denied early cabs, forced to stay even after the senior/manager has left. The meetings were a good opportunity for all of this to be discussed openly. In fact what was a significant thing that came into notice is that the ladies are travelling alone in the cab late at night after work, while the company rules clearly state that no woman will travel alone by cab after 9pm. She has to be accompanied by at least one male employee who will be the last one to be dropped off. In case of absence of such a person a security personnel will company her.

I remember that these rules came into effect after the Pratibha murder case in Bangalore. So many new rules came into existence especially in the BPO industry. Vehicles were not supposed to have tinted glasses, the cab drivers would change everyday etc. No matter what huge decisions are taken when the matter is new, the effect of it, the seriousness of it slowly goes down with time. Time and again it has been seen what fate these cases meet in the court. With the judgement being postponed and the cases running for years, the family members lose the energy and faith to fight for justice. (On this note I remembered, please watch “No One Killed Jessica” if you haven’t watched it till now. Awesome movie.)

As of now investigations are running in full swing and hope that something significant comes out of it. It has left different sorts of fear in everyone’s mind in the company. I just wish and pray that her soul and family get justice and she Rests In Peace.

PS: The irony is that just one day prior to this incident I read an article on the front page of a leading newspaper titled, “Chennai safest for women, crime bureau data shows”.


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